Monday, June 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Hey all, I'm back home. I arrived at midnight last night. It's good to be back in my lovely, huge apartment after staying with my friend in her tiny studio apartment. I forgot how small things are in New York. The networking went well. I had 7 meetings last Thursday and discussed my job search with other friends that I saw and they are going to put feelers out for me too. One thing I realized, which surprised me, I don't HAVE to move back to New York. I liked being there, but I didn't have the pull I've had on my previous trips to move back. If it happens, great, if it doesn't, I am sure I'll be happy wherever I land.

I thought I had done okay food wise, but when I plugged what I ate into the WW online points tracker I realized I went over my flex points by 26 points! I thought Thursday would be considered last week, and I forgot that it is the first day of my WW week, not my last day. I was really hoping to not go up on my next weigh-in. I'll be only using my daily points Monday-Thursday, and I get weighed-in on Thursday evenings. I plan to do my CardioSculpt DVD Monday-Thursday as well (I have no excuse not to!). So, it will be a crap shoot to see whether or not I maintained from last Tuesday, or if I'm up. I really hope I'm not up, but I don't really deserve to be down. This yo-yo-ing up and down week-to-week is really discouraging, even though I only have myself to blame.

I have to say that it is tough to eat healthy in New York. I will admit to some poor choices, but the menus do not give a lot of healthy options. Their fish dishes are covered in butter (which I asked for on the side). Lots of places don't even have light beer on the menu. (I did well on the not-drinking front. I did drink some, but very little compared to what I drank over graduation week.) If I move back there I am going to have to learn how to order in those restaurants. I ordered fajitas, which I eat without the tortilla shells. They gave me like 5 tiny little pieces of peppers and onions and a sea of beans covered in cheese. I did get a little bit of lettuce, tomato and onion, but not a lot. And they butchered the portobello mushrooms. Go figure.

On the friend front, everyone just treated me like they normally do. They mentioned my weight loss when they first saw me, but otherwise, they didn't ask any questions. It was nice to see that they won't be treating me any differently. What was different was going into BCBGMaxAzria and being able to try on their large size clothes and actually fitting into them! I mean, I have no intention of buying a $190 dress, but it was fun to try it on! Wearing a suit that I could actually button across my chest was really cool too. Now one of my non-scale goals is to be able to wear a regular bath towel "tied" around my chest in my apartment after I take a shower. I've been using beach towels for years and I'd love to be able to use just a regular towel. They look so tiny though. Dare to dream.


angelfish24 said...

Welcome back! Sound like a good trip but the food choices sound hard. Maybe it's all that walking that some new yorkers due that keeps their wt down.
Good to hear you are fitting into sizes that you didn't before. Can't wait to move down a size....I just need to work a bit harder at my food choices.

KL said...

Aah ... I'm so looking forward to being able to shop in real stores one of these days. I'm so proud of you and your progress!

Lily T said...

That’s very interesting about New York dining. To be faced with the choices that were present to you, would there really be a “right” food choice?

I haven’t always been overweight and I’m a short person, but I haven’t been able to pull a bath towel around me to use as coverage since I was in elementary school. I always thought that when that happens on TV, they’re using a special towel. Or maybe my bath towels are unusually small. Or maybe my boobs are unusually big? I can only dream.

KL said...

I have tagged you for a Thinking Blogger Award. Check out my last entry for instructions if you want to participate.
Thanks for making me think!