Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Interview Update

Hey guys, so I had my screening interview today with the "big national retailer." It turned out that the recruiter only handles jobs in merchandising, but it became apparent from my answers to her questions that I want a job in marketing which is 100% true (I focused on marketing in school, I was a graduate teaching assistant with the marketing department, I have 9 years of experience in advertising and marketing ...) She was very nice about it, and in some ways this was part of the point of the interview - to discover if we were a match. So, the interview only lasted about 20 minutes. But ... she said she would pass my resume along to a marketing recruiter and see if they had any jobs available in marketing! She also said that it might take her a few days, but that she'd get back to me by the end of the week. Hey, no problem - she's doing me a favor! So, I think she must have been interested, or she wouldn't have offered to pass me along. One of the questions I asked her was what is the hiring process. She said that the first round is an in-depth phone interview with a recruiter (which would have been today). Then, if you get passed that you are invited to the corporate headquarters in middle America for a full day of interviews. At that point they usually make a decision, but sometimes you are called back for a second round of on-site interviews. Pretty intense! I just hope I make it that far. I'm kinda bummed that I closed the door on the job she was recruiting for. I am curious about it, but I don't want her to think that I'm settling if the marketing group doesn't have any positions. I'll keep you posted if anything happens with this company in the future. Thanks for the well wishes!

I weigh-in at WW tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I hit 60 lbs. lost tomorrow night. It's a stretch - I'd need to lose 2.2 lbs. in one week, but it feasible, right?! :)


cb said...

I just found your blog via Christie's, and noticed your posted are signed Trixie Belden. Those were my favorite books growing up!! I've never found anyone else that knows them!

jodi said...

2.2 is totally feasible, that's what i lost this week... good luck at your weigh-in tomorrow! :o)

KL said...

I can't wait to hear about your weigh-in. Good luck!