Monday, June 18, 2007

In the Deep End

So I had a couple non-scale victories last week . I went out to dinner with a friend a couple times last week. We went out late - around 9pm - since she wanted to go to the gym after work (good for her!). Both times it was a last minute decision to go out, so I had already eaten dinner. Both times I declined ordering any food and just sipped a beer or water. In the past, I totally would have at least ordered an appetizer, if not a full second dinner. She said she didn't mind and that it didn't make her uncomfortable. I believe her because: 1) she was ravenous both times and totally into her food and not what I was eating or not eating and 2) she knows I'm trying to watch what I eat and not over-eat. I don't plan on making this a habit, since part of going out to dinner is sharing the eating experience, but it's nice to know I can decline food when I'm in that situation.

I contacted the point person for the master's swim club in my area. She's mailing me a pass for 3 free sessions. I love that they are letting me "test drive" the club before committing to it. I think it will be $50-$60 to pay for the club dues for a year and the annual dues for the national organization. That's a lot when you are living on student loans. And I most likely will not be in the area for an entire year so I really want to know that I can do this before I commit money to it. I'm also thinking about doing deep water aerobics next month instead. It's only 5 weeks (2x per week) and it runs about the same amount of money. I'm not sure which one to do. I'm intrigued by the challenge of the swim club, but water aerobics is a no-brainer and something I really enjoy and I quite like the social interaction. I won't get that from the swim club and I desparately need it now that school is out and I can go a whole day without talking to anyone besides the cashier at the grocery store. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the NSV! That would be hard to do (go to dinner and not order food!)!

It's nice they are giving you the free trial for the swimming. I would take advantage of those free sessions but to me the water aerobics sounds more fun, and like you said - social. More like playtime!

angelfish24 said...

I guess I would take the free lessons and then decide. You might find you love the swim club. Right now I would like something like that to get me to swim faster and better.
But, water aerobics is fun too.

Lily T said...

I say go for the water aerobics! It has more pros than cons. But I would also take up the free sessons out of curiousity (and free-ness!), then decline afterwards. If it seems like something you like, then it could be something you can do later.

Congrats on being able to not eat in a resturant in front of someone whose eating. That's something I need to work on. I am such a social eater!