Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Red Rock

Hey there, just got back from a run/walk. It always feels good after I'm done. Although, I still look forward to how I feel during it so far. But, I haven't been pushing myself past my comfort zone, which I'm sure some people may disagree with. I'm going to do one more work out of three running intervals of 5 minutes each and then move on to the Week 5 workout that has an 8 minute interval. Yikes!

My mom and I did a great hike yesterday with her hiking group through part of Red Rock Canyon. You've got to click on the links of the trails on the right to see any decent pictures. We didn't do any "rock scrambling" which is basically climbing over large boulders, but we did cover more than 6 miles. The second half of the hike was very scenic, but it got quite cold. It was about 39 degrees and windy. I know it doesn't sound that cold to much of the U.S. in the winter, but when you think of Las Vegas, you don't think of cold weather.

Not much to report. Same old, same old ... writing cover letters, applying for jobs, networking with contacts via email, going run/walking or hiking, walking to Starbucks and using my Christmas gift certificate ... We are going to a nice buffet at a casino tonight, so I have an excuse to put on my nice jeans and makeup. I got a 2 for 1 coupon and my Dad is getting comp'd because he plays craps there. I'm excited because they supposedly have sushi (Hand rolls. I'm not adventurous enough to eat raw tuna steak. Rare yes, raw no.)


b said...

I live in New England - snow! snow! snow! and I'm so jealous of your hiking trails - the pix are just gorgeous! Despite the cold and snow, I think you might have inspired me to get outside and go hiking tomorrow.

Kim said...

WOW. I bet it is breathtaking out there. I envy you for that. It's all dull and gray here. Very blah. I'm already looking forward to Spring!

Lily T said...

I love LOVE hiking! It's raining here at the moment, so you're fortunate that you have this opportunity.

Belated congratulations on making Lifetime! It's such a wonderful achievement.

I wish you luck on your job hunt.