Monday, January 07, 2008

An Exercise in Self-Confidence

Thanks for all your kind words of congratulations about reaching Lifetime. It is so special to be able to share it with people who have seen me through the journey thus far - both the good times and the bad. I couldn't have done it without all of you :)

Got another job rejection today. I was pretty bummed. But I pulled myself up by my bra straps and sucked it up and applied for another job I think looks pretty interesting - corporate training in New York City. I just finished teaching marketing in D.C. for a semester, so a have some teaching experience. We'll see if they are interested. I got nothing to lose at this point. I'm also applying for another job tonight with a financial services company in their marketing department. Nothing like picking yourself up and dusting yourself off to start all over again.

And, I went for a jog/walk today. That definitely made me feel better. It was nice to be able to do something that no one can tell me I'm not capable of. I now know I am capable of running for 5 minutes non-stop without any trouble. I don't have to prove it to anyone. I just can do it. It makes me feel confident and successful while the job search is making me feel anything but. I didn't know exercise could make you feel empowered, but it has for me :)

Some people have asked why New York City since I drove all the way to Vegas. Well, it's really because that's where the opportunities are and that's where my contacts (not that they've been helpful thus far) are located. I lived there for 9 years before going back to school to get my MBA so it does feel like home. And it is a great, dynamic city. Although I have to admit, I was getting excited about moving somewhere new. It sounded like something that would be fun. But, who knows what's going to happen next! I could end up anywhere at this point!


Kim said...

Good for you for getting your exercise in yesterday! That always seems to make me feel better. (after I'm done!) :)

KL said...

Sorry about the job. :( I admire anyone who can live in NYC. I'm a big city girl (Dallas, Austin, and Atlanta), but I cannot imagine not needing a car. That's a foreign idea to me.