Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day One

Okay, all I have to report today is what I ate yesterday. I super embarrassed to admit it, but I promised, so here it goes:

1 cup coffee w/ 2% milk
1 cup Cheerios
1 Cinnamon Crunch bagel at Panera's
1/2 oz. hazelnut cream cheese at Panera's
1 large hazelnut coffee w/ 2% milk at Panera's
1 pork chop (lean)
1 cup green beans
1 baked potato (plain)
1+ Corona light beers
1-1/2 servings of snaps pretzels

I was so good when I lived alone, I never kept beer in the house. Now it is a temptation. I'm going to see if I can keep myself from having beer every evening (my parents usually have a cocktail before dinner). If I can't succeed, I'm going to ask my Mom to stop buying beer because I'm the only one who really drinks it and no one will care if it isn't in the house. I'll keep you posted. Tomorrow I'll post what I ate today. I know, not one of my more interesting posts, but you guys are keeping me accountable. Thanks!


jodi said...

for me, i've learned that if it's not in the house - i won't eat it... i had a hell of a time around the holidays - having time-off and being home w/cookies and candy - it was not a pretty site... i try and only keep healthy things around now... :o)

Kim said...

Hey girl!! How do you feel about those non-alcoholic beers? I'm not much of a beer drinker myself, so forgive me if that is some kind of crazy ass suggestion!! But if you are the only one in the house that is drinking the beer anyway I think not buying it is the way to go for sure!!

As for that damn bagel - why don't you make it cost you xx number of workouts a week? Or xx number of minutes run? That might curb your desire, or at least let you enjoy them guilt free. :)