Thursday, January 17, 2008


I just finished my mom's pilates DVD. It was very interesting. I've never done pilates before. There was only one exercise I couldn't do ... stretching my legs to the ceiling and making small circles with my feet. My stomach muscles weren't having any of it! It was a nice change from running and walking, but I have to admit I missed having an aerobic workout. My muscles felt weird during most of it. I do think I will do it again, but I didn't love it. Maybe it will grow on me.

I decided to postpone my WW weigh-in and meeting until tomorrow (Friday) morning. I didn't really bond with the meeting leaders on Thursday for the past two weeks, so I figure I'll give Friday's meeting a chance. I'm still not ready to stop getting weighed every week. In fact, my mom has a scale and it is sometimes hard not to weigh myself every day. I don't want to weigh myself every day, but it is so tempting with the little digital devil just sitting their innocently enough in the bathroom. Maybe the novelty will wear off.

I am starving. That's a problem since it's my turn to cook dinner tonight. I'm making a chicken and broccoli recipe from WW online. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Kim said...

I really like pilates. (though I admit it has been forever since I've done it. I have a tape and the kids climb all over me when I get on the floor.) I think you should give it a few more tries to see what you think. I know it doesn't feel like you're really doing too much, but it supposed to really be great for toning and shaping your body.

Jenera said...

I've done it a few times and I enjoy it because it helps with your core and your muscles-and for me helps with coordination. It's really good for toning up certain areas and helping you be more flexible.

I don't think it is the end all for exercising-more as like a weekly add in to boost your routine. If you try it a couple times of week, you'll start to feel the differences. For me it also relaxes.

I came across your blog on the FatFighters FitRoll! I'll keep checking in!

totegirl said...

I like the Pilates for Dummies DVDs, but all others are too freakishly hard. I think it will grow on you, especially when you start seeing the changes.

I thought you were supposed to weigh more often when you're in maintenance.

I love WW online recipes! I'm looking through them right now!

Lily T said...

I love pilates! It’s always a good idea to have strength training and stretching as part of your workout. The beauty with pilates is that it does both.

Vickie said...

You can fold a beach towel and prop it under the edge of your butt as you get used to holding your legs up when flat on the floor.

You can also put a towel under the edge of your butt (when sitting up) if you have problems with the sitting up - reaching forward exercises. the towel tilts your pelvis forward and helps keep a lifted chest and straight back.