Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nobody's Perfect

Hey there! I'm writing this in Vegas at my parents' house. I've been here since Friday and it has been great! The weather has been awesome - mid 80's, sunny and breezy. I've been pretty busy visiting with them, doing school work and applying for jobs.

My exercise has been okay - I went hiking again with my mom and her 50+ hiking group on Saturday morning. It was challenging. The heat made it harder than I remember it being in January, but I made it. Those 60-year-olds kicked my ass on the hike! I got tan lines from my tank top :) Today I went to the gym and road the bike for 45 minutes. I didn't have it on high enough resistance so it wasn't too challenging, but I guess it was better than just sitting on my ass! :) Tomorrow I am trying my mom's pilates DVD because the wind is supposed to be bad and I shouldn't be walking outside. Bummer.

My eating and drinking haven't been great. But I haven't gone off the deep end. I've made basically good choices and my portions have been good, but I have been eating a little bit of everything, that's my problem. My mom has been really supportive and suggested that it is okay to not be so strict all the time. That in order for my eating habits to be sustainable I need to give myself a break every once in a while. (I type this as I am nursing a rum and Diet Coke.) I'd like to believe her, but I still feel guilty for not staying on plan. It is so much easier to manage my weight when I am living alone. But when I am eating with other people it is so tempting to make the wrong choice. I am starting to understand the challenges all of you living with spouses/boyfriends/roommates/families are dealing with. I have even more respect for you all than I did before! But I am still definitely going to Weight Watchers to get weighed-in on Thursday. I know I'll be up, I'm always up when I come to Vegas, but that's okay. It's one week in the course of a long journey.

On a separate note, my parents, as usual, have been super wonderful about my weight. They made nice comments about noticing my weight loss when I arrived. Otherwise they just treat me like they always have. Well, that's not totally true, my dad, who does most of the cooking, asks me considerate questions about what kinds of things I can/will eat and portion sizes. But there's no judging. And there was no judging when I was 38.6 lbs. heavier. They are wonderful. I don't think I will ever be a parent, but if I am, or have occasion to be around children, I hope I am as supportive as they have been to me! (If you're reading this, thanks mom!)

On a separate girlie note, I bought two pairs of kick-ass shoes this weekend. Think black satin peep-toe 4" pumps and gunmetal grey strappy sandals with about 3-1/2" heels. I need the first pair for interviews with creative luxury brand companies and the second pair were on sale and too cool for school! I guess you could call them my reward for my weight loss so far.


Lily T said...

It's wonderful that you have such supportive parents!

Reading your post, I would actually judge your trip a success. Although you had difficulty eating-wise, you were able to maintain going to the gym, WW meetings, and blogging. That's 3 out of 4. That's success in my book!

Going on trips, I think are challenging to most people. Even/especially to mom and dad's house. Even with supportive parents as yours. Personally, I always have difficulty with staying on my plan when I go on vacation anywhere. But I think with practice, we might get it right most of the time.

Mal said...

I'll be going home for Easter weekend and I really hope I can feel as good about it as you have felt about your trip. Sounds wonderful and active and shoe-ful!

Julie said...

Good job on working out while on a vacation. The temptations to just relax and eat everything in sight are really hard to resist. Go you!

jodi said...

sounds like you're having a great time... and i have to agree - it IS much easier to manage things (food, etc.) when your alone... i find myself more tempted to eat unhealthy when i'm with my boyfriend, just because he has more crap in his pantry... ugh! :-p

a.m. said...

It sounds as if you are doing great on your break!

Let me share my story of being trampled by much older people hiking--my friend and I went for a hike on the "Strenuous" trail at a nearby park, about seven miles in all. We (meaning me) are doing ok, but it is pretty tough. We are passed (twice! they stopped for a break) by a group of people my parents age, going uphill. Then, when we get to the overlook part and have lunch, as we are leaving this elderly couple walking their little dog stroll up, looking as if they had just stepped off their patio in their sportswear. As I climbed over a large tree on the trail that was nearly chest high, I asked--how did those people do it! But they were very inspiring to us, and we hoped that when we were 75 we could just stroll over the Appalachians with our little terriers leading the way, like they did.

angelfish24 said...

Sound like you're having a fun trip and nice to hear of your parents being so supportive of you.
Don't worry if you are off the program a little. You are exercising and going to weigh in and that is awesome!

crankybee said...

Oh my Lord, a woman that says "too cool for school" AND drinks RUM! One question - WERE WE SEPERATED AT BIRTH!!!!??????

I love Rum. What sort do you drink?

Natalie C. said...

I've seen you comment on other blogs but this is my first time reading your blog & I really enjoyed your honesty. I have to ask you- are you really a Trixie Belden fan? I read EVERY SINGLE Trixie Belden book when I was little. I collected the series (there were 31 or 32 when I left off...) Second of all, it looks from your tickers that you have lost A LOT of weight!! Great job- I am really impressed. I have a lot to lose & I haven't lost any so far, so I admire all of you that have stuck with it for so long and seen results. Yay! It's possible!

jen said...

you should post a pic of those shoes!