Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mall Rats

Okay, so I don't have a report to give on my Weight Watchers meeting. I slept through my alarm and I missed the meeting. I don't know why, I have been getting up early all week. I have to pick out a meeting to go to this coming week. Should be interesting since classes begin on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted. Sorry to let you down.

I went shopping yesterday with my sister. I thought it would be fun. Unfortunately I forgot that she's a size 0/2 or extra-small/small and has a job and I'm a size 18/20 and have no income because I'm a student. Needless to say it was not that much fun. I love my sister and I like window shopping, but its depressing when you can't try anything on because they don't have your size and you have to watch someone constantly go back for a smaller size. It has been this way my entire life, the only difference is that when we were younger I was a size 8. I can't believe I spent my time feeling fat back then. I can't believe I got mad at my sister back then. I wasted so much time.

I need to find things to do with my sister that don't involve clothing shopping or food. That cuts out about 99% of all social activities in America. Guess I'll just continue to sit on my couch alone and dream about food.


Paula said...

Ooh, that would be tough shopping with a sis who wears a Barbi doll size! Surely she is the exception (size) than the rule, I would think most healthy women are a size 7-9. Hey, I love to shop too, shop with me! Hugs, Paula (size 14-16)

Amazon Alanna said...

Aw, Trixie, don't be so hard on yourself. Most of my friends are somewhere between a 2 and a 4...but they are also 4-5 inches shorter than I am, and I'm not tall by any standards. We all just need to accept that we all come in different sizes. You have to be the best Trixie you can be and you are. You are wonderful, and if you feel you need to "tweak" that by losing weight, then that is fabu, too.

Jen said...

Don't beat yourself up Trix. My sister was the skinny one for years. It was hard at times. Other times I just didn't think about it. You'll be able to find other things to do together I'm sure. :)

paperdoll princess said...

i agree don't beat yourself up! there are plenty of things you two can do together! like play cards or go for a walk or join a team of some sort together ;)

i can relate to how you feel about looking back. i look at pics of myself when i really thought i was fat and im like "OMG! i was a size small/med what the hell was wrong with me back then!?!?" hind sight is always 20/20

Chris said...

Invite her to go walking in the park. Make it a social event where you feel comfortable talking and get a few calories burned off in the process. I've been doing this with my healthy sister, and it's been fun.

Xena said...

I was going to suggest the same - go for a walk in the park or in the city or whatever - do something active with her. I read a great fitness article where the author invited her friends to join her for workouts instead of for lunch/drinks/food-based activities, and it was very successful, and it kept her going to the gym/park etc.

christie said...

Well I'm a 14/16/18 on top and a 24 on the bottom, so life ain't peachy for me either :-D
But I don't shop with skinny friends for just that reason. Luckily I don't have a skinny sister. My best friend does and she's always hated it so much.
You can shop with me anytime :) Or maybe we can learn how to MAKE clothes since we're on a budget :)

christie said...

Oh, and as for things to do together, I used to go play frisbee with my friends, it was great exercise. Of course we would get milkshakes after, but you should probably skip that part :)

Amusement parks are good too because you walk around all day, but be careful of the food there.

Instead of going out to eat together, what about getting together at your place or her place and coming up with a theme like mexican night or whatever, put on some music and cook something together and then sit down to eat it. Fun, social, less fattening. And if you dance around to the music you'll burn calories.