Thursday, September 07, 2006

Keeping Score & Missing the Goal

So, for a while I was worried that I'd resent recording what I eat in and counting points for Weight Watchers on an Excel sheet. In fact, when I joined Weight Watchers I said I wanted to the Core Plan because I didn't want to count points. Well, I have realized that the Core Plan doesn't work for me. I just don't eat those foods regularly enough. So, this week I've started counting points. I must say that helps a new Weight Watchers member count points immensely. It gives information on a food's fiber grams, calories, fat grams, the whole she-bang. I'm sure the etools on the Weight Watchers site does the same thing, but since I am already used to it has been great. Therefore I highly recommend doing both.

On a separate note, while I have been good about keeping track of what I eat I haven't been good about what I eat. So, I am asking for your help and inspiration. What do you do to prevent yourself from taking the easy way out and picking up something quick on the way home, from eating that second serving, from eating what you know you shouldn't. While I am learning about how bad some of the food I eat regularly is for me, I don't seem to have any willpower over the foods I already know are bad for me. Please share how you answer that voice in your head, and tell yourself it just isn't worth it. Thanks in advance!


iportion said...

I like you have to count.

Will power is overated. Get single servings of the bad stuff once a week and count it. A little bit bad food keeps you from binging.
If you ristrict too munch you can binge due to feeling deprived.
Also see if you can make swaps, a lower calorie cheese ectra.

Cheryl said...

Plan ahead. If you have a place you stop at to "get something quick" on the way home, scour their menu for items that are low in points and promise yourself you'll only get those items. Every restaurant usually has one or two items that won't kill your flex points for the week. Don't rely on salad, though. Some salads are more points than a regular meal. There are a couple of salads at Ruby Tuesdays (or is it Chilis? - I always get them mixed up) that are well into the 20+ point range. A Bloomin Onion type thing at most restaurants will set you back 60 points or more!

A ton of restaurants these days (particularly fast food) have nutrition information on their websites. Print out the details for a few favorites and put them in your wallet.

Seriously, just plan ahead. It's the best way to stay on track. Good luck! I've been doing this since the end of April and I'm -35. You can do it!

paperdoll princess said...

if i think i really want a second helping of whatever then i drink a tall glass of water first.. wait 5 mins and then ask myself again if i still want that second helping.. usually after the way it's a 'no'

christie said...

At the end of a long workday, resisting the temptation of pulling through a drivethrough is a true challenge for me. What has helped me a lot are a couple of things. I usually do one or the other but sometimes even both.
1 - I try to cook meals that last me at least two nights, even 3. If I know I can go home and just heat up tasty leftovers, that's fast. Sometimes I even come home, and eat my leftovers, and THEN, when I'm full, cook for the next couple days and save it.
2- I sometimes take a couple of snacks - something salty or sweet and some fruit, that I save in my lunch box for after work, so that if I'm hungry, I'll eat the snack while I'm driving home and then I can have the patience to make something. If your snack puts you a few points over for the day, that's better than if you pull through and pick up fast food.
3- I always have some lean cuisines and canned soups on hand so I can be eating is 3-4 minutes flat if I am really, really hungry.