Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Points vs. Calories

So tonight I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting. It was held in an American Legion hall, which tickled me because it reminded me of my grandfather who passed away years ago. When something reminds me of Grandpap, it has to be a good sign.

I got there early, as did a few other people. I figured out that you get there half an hour early to get weighed, and you can either stay for the meeting or leave. I did notice that not one other person who weighed-in was wearing jeans besides me. (Thanks for the posts advising against that, but since jeans are the only thing I'm comfortable in these days, I'm stickin' with 'em.)

I must say that I was a bit confused about how the Flex Points work with the Core Plan, but I figure I'll read up on that in the information they gave me and online. I asked a ton of questions during my orientation session after the meeting (I was the only new person), but I decided to hold some back because the leader stayed 45 minutes extra for me because the meeting ran over.

The meeting leader was energetic and nice, but I didn't really connect with her sense of humor. The other people in attendance at the meeting didn't seem all that warm and fuzzy. The only person who introduced herself to me was the receptionist who weighed me and gave me my initial packet of stuff. I must say that I feel more of a connection with all of you bloggers out there - whether you leave posts on my blog, or I'm reading and posting on yours - than I felt during this meeting.

The other thing that worries me is points vs. calories. I have been religiously filling out my online food journal for the past month. I like it, it works for me. I don't feel great about adding in an additional step of counting Flex Points for the crazy, strict Core Plan. I also like having the option of eating anything I want as long as I stay in my calorie/fat/carbohydrates/protein percentages for the day on myfooddiary.com. It seems like I have to cut out EVERYTHING if I go to the Core Plan (No Cherrios? That's just crazy talk.)

I still like the idea of having to show up somewhere every week and be accountable for my weight loss. (I also abhor the idea of buying my own scale. I'd be weighing myself morning, noon and night if I had my own.) I guess the point of WW is that I can make the plan my own. I actually can't continue to go to the same meeting on Monday nights because I have a night class this semester at the same time. So, I am looking for other meetings in my area at more convenient times. Maybe I'll feel more at home at another meeting with a different group of people and leader.

I feel apprehension as I start this new journey, but I'm still taking a step, albeit tentative, in the right direction.


Amanda said...

Hi Trixie, Congratulations on joining WW! The only weight loss program I have ever tried is Weight Watchers, and it works for me everytime but the problem is sticking to that lifestyle for the rest of your life... making sure the healthy changes you have learnt and made always stay with you, instead of getting to goal and then falling back to old habits which I and many people have done. Thankyou for my comment on my blog also. I am on the points system... we don't have the core or flex or anything exotic like that in Holland, just the points system. I think it is great because you can still eat anything you want, you just have to watch your portions and how many points you have left for the day. I wish you all the very best on your new journey with Weight Watchers.

Amanda Jane. :)

Xena said...

Hey Trixie - I don't have any experience with WW but have a feeling that you will find someone who does ;-)

Good for you for taking the steps in the right direction! Just keep going! I know most, if not all, of us have setbacks and one-too-many drinkypoos which lead to one-too-many not-so-spectacular food choices, so just acknowledge it and move forward.

Kel said...

Hi Trixie - WW worked well for me (while I was on it) - just be sure to track everything. You also get some great recipes at the meetings :)

Good luck!

Catalogrrr said...

I've been on WW for almost 3 years. I reached my goal and became a lifetime member in April 2005. Then I quit smoking and regained 15 but I am back OP and trying to lose it. I follow Flex simply because I can't tell when I'm full or when I'm hungry. I like the idea of portion control and that's what WW does for me.

WW is balanced and sensible. I don't think you'll regret the choice you made.

Amazon Alanna said...

I'm so proud of you, Trixie! Just getting to a meeting is tough.

I think it's funny that you feel the Core plan is complex...it really isn't. There is a list of foods that you can eat without countaing, as long as you stop eating when you're no longer hungry. That's basically it. You get 35 weekly points so that you can have things that aren't on the list. So cheerios would be part of those flexies.

But the flex plan is just a fancy way of counting calories...you get to eat a little more if the food has extra fiber, is all.

For me, I chose core because I was losing on flex, but instead of drinking my milk and/or eating fruit, I was opting to spend those points on cookies and butter. Not a healthy choice. Core makes it so that I can drink 5 glasses of skim milk and eat 5 bananas if I'm hungray enough, and use those extra points to have a coupla cookies with the milk. I like to think of them as my weekly treat points.

Cookie said...

I've never done WW but I definitely understand the need for accountability. It sounds like overall this was a pretty positive experience for you...congratulations!

Phat Fighter said...

Well done on taking the first step. I'll be interested to hear how you find it from here on in, and how you get on. It seems that there are people out there that have plenty of positive things to say about it, and no doubt they and the people at the meetings will help you stay on track.

Doubtless you will get the hang of the program in due course, and find out all the good things about it. Most of these plans and diets are confusing at first, but with a bit of perseverance you get the hang of them.

Good on ya for getting out there and getting started on WW!

Kimberly said...

That's great! I don't know anything about WW, but I'm sure after you go to a few of the same meetings, you'll meet people who will warm up to you.

Best wishes!

paperdoll princess said...

hahah! im munching on some honey nut cheerios as i'm reading your post and as soon as i got to no cheerioes my mouth dropped open (thank god no cheerioes were in there! HAHAHA) yeah that sounds like it would really suck having to give up stuff you really love. i hate strict diet plans. i find they ALWAYS have food on there that i will NOT eat.. like oatmeal (holding back urge to vomit)

congrats on joing WW group meetings! i hope you find a great group you can really connect with!