Saturday, August 19, 2006

From Pizza Hut take out to Weight Watchers meetings

I'm going to do it. I've made a plan. I've gone to the Weight Watchers website and found a meeting close to my apartment on Monday night. I don't know what to expect, but I'm actually kind of excited! I put the print out from the Weight Watchers website of the location of the meeting on the side of my refrigerator where I used to keep my Pizza Hut coupons (back in the day when I could/would eat a whole medium pizza myself in one night, with Diet Pepsi of course).

The meeting starts at 6:30pm, but they say to get there 30 minutes early. I wonder, should I bring a notebook to take notes? What happens at these meetings? Will I get weighed on my first day? Is it bad that I won't be able to go to this exact meeting again because I will have Monday night classes during the fall semester?

If you have any Weight Watchers knowledge or experience, let me know! I'll tell you how the meeting went next week!


Amazon Alanna said...

It doesn't matter what meetings you go to as long as they are at the same center. If not, you can arrange to bring your booklet with you. No big deal. Just as long as you go once a week and stick with it.

They will weigh you your first time, because otherwise, during week 2 they won't be able to tell if you lost anything.

They want you to get there early because then you'll have time to weigh in, and find a seat. i think the meetins are crucial. Your leader is a WW member, plus you'll get great advice from other members.

No need to take notes, unless you really want to.

General tips: after your first weigh in, never wear jeans to a meeting. You'll WI about 2-3 pounds heavier than you actually are. Try to use the toilet if you even think you *might* have to go. Take off your watch if you wear one. (yeah, I have some silly WW related habits...)

Good luck! You're going to do great!

Phat Fighter said...

Good for you, it must be good to have made a decision and be ready to follow it. I'll be looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

The comments from amazon alanna are all good. When weighing yourself on a regular basis it is essential to keep as much as possible the same as it was the last time you got weighed so that you can rule out any other factors influencing your weight. Clothes, shoes, watches, time of day, all of those things should be standardised with a regular weigh in.

Good luck!

TrixieBelden said...

Thanks Phat Fighter! It's been so long since I've weighed myself on a regular basis I have forgotten the little things.