Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Goin' to the Chapel ... What Am I Gonna Wear?

We're goin' to the chapel, and we're gonna get married. Okay, well I'm not getting married, my cousin is. I just got the invitation this week. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know it was going to arrive so soon. The date is Friday, October 13th. (My mother says they sent them out too early. Whatever.)

You, of course, know the first question I asked myself when I opened up the envelope ... WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!

I have thought about it and I really have only three options:

1) Buy something new
2) Wear my old stand-by outfit (that may not fit anymore)
3) Don't go

Let's see... #3 is out because, regardless what I look like, or what I wear, this is going to be a fun wedding. Capital F-U-N. So, that leaves me with options #1 and #2. I don't have a lot of money and I just can't bear the idea of going shopping and having to cope with what size I may or may not be, so option #1 is out. That leaves us with option #2: the good ole stand-by. Guess what color it is? I'll give you one clue: it's black. I'll give you another clue: it's separates, because God knows I haven't been able to fit into a dress for quite some time (my breasts are too big, my waist is too small - in relation to everything else - my thighs are too big, my shoulders are too broad, my arms are too big ... the list goes on and on). It's actually quite nice, that is if I hadn't been wearing it for the last 7 years to every semi-formal or formal event I've had. The top is a silk twin set with tasteful flat sequins scattered on the edges. The bottom is a pair of black pants (I grew out of the skirt I originally bought to go with the twin set). And the shoes, of course, are black strappy high heeled sandals.

I wore this outfit to an event for my graduate school in April and it was passable. I say passable because the tank part of the sweater set would show my belly button if I raised my arms up too high. The pants fit, but they were tight. It was difficult to give myself a pedicure with my extra pudge around the middle.

As of tomorrow, August 10th, I have 65 days until the wedding (9 weeks starting Monday, August 14th). So here are my goals:

1) Have some breathing room in the pants
2) Have the tank part of the sweater set cover more of my stomach
3) Be able to bend over and put nail polish on my own toes
4) Get a hair cut (I just put that one in there because I need one desperately. I think the last time I had my hair cut was January.)

I think its doable. I don't think my goals are too grand. I've been doing well on my "diet" (I don't like calling it a diet. I prefer "healthy eating plan"). Now I just have to start exercising on a regular basis.

I'll keep you posted on how its going.


Jen said...

Oh there's nothing I love more than a good wedding! Good luck on the whole outfit madness, I know that scenario well.

iportion said...

I cried in the dressing room finding an outfit for my first date with my huby. It was that hard.
Good luck and all that luck and have a blast at the wedding.

Cookie said...

I had to give a speech the other day and I just about lost it over finding something to wear. I'm sure you will find something to wear too and that you will look great and have a wonderful time!