Sunday, August 06, 2006

BMI = "Body Mass Identity"

Used one of those BMI calculators this week. My BMI is 42.9.

According to, "if your BMI is over 40: This indicates an individual suffering from extreme obesity, and is in a very unhealthy condition. The excess body fat will put the individual at risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease and some cancers. It is definitely time to change to a healthy diet and undertake a fitness program."

It is really scary to read those words, but some how its easier hearing it from a website than from an insensitive doctor who doesn't understand what being overweight is all about. (That's a whole other story for another post.) I guess its easier because I didn't have to look anyone in the eyes to hear the news.

I don't feel extremely obese. I mean I don't fit through small spaces any more (must turn sideways) and I have to catch my breath after I climb the three flights of stairs to my apartment, but I just thought I was overweight. "Extremely obese" is a whole new ballgame.

I haven't been to the doctor in the past few years, mainly to avoid having to look anyone in the eyes. In the past my blood pressure and cholesterol have been fine, even though my weight has been climbing. I guess its time to hold my head up high and march into a new doctor's office and demand some respect, along with some test results.

I was telling my sister my weight loss goal (52 pounds in 52 weeks) and then I told her how much I'd need to lose in order to be at the top of the range for my height - 115 pounds. That really got to her. That's how much she weighs. I need to lose an entire person in order to be healthy. What I want to know is how did I gain this entire person? How did I not notice this was happening?

I have a feeling that being extremely obese is going to start to define me. I'm going to start hearing that in my head when I read about the "fattening of America", I'm going to think about it when my friend complains about wanting to lose her 10 lbs. of baby weight so she can be "skinny again". I've always felt different, now I have a title for it. Instead of being known as "Miss Congeniality" or "Vice President", I'll have a satin sash made with the words "Extremely Obese" spelled out in fancy cursive lettering with sequins.


jeannie said...

The important thing is that you are taking the steps to beomce healthier! Just try to remember that, even though I know it's hard.

Just hang in there and know you're working at it. And not just ignoring it! And that's the best possible thing you can do!

iportion said...

I started with a BMI of over 40,
Our weight is not who we are it's weight
You are wonderfull sparkingling and working at your weight.

Paula F said...

Don't let yourself be defined by a number hon! I personally despise the word 'obese', I think it sounds disgusting. We are not 'disgusting'. We are beautiful, productive, delightful, talented, smart, women making better choices to feel great and live longer. Hugs, Paula