Tuesday, December 09, 2008

There is No Such Thing as "Heat & Hot Water Included"

146.4 lbs. @ WW on Saturday, 12/6
143.2 lbs. @ home on Tuesday, 12/9 (it's all about being sick)

I'm late for my weekly weigh-in, sorry. To be honest, Sunday I was hung-over (pretty atypical for me, but I think it was worth it) and Monday there was no heat in my apartment and I got sick. Ugh! One good thing about this whole weight loss thing is that I haven't been sick in like forever. Seriously, I remember wussing out one morning and not teaching last fall, but before that I think the last time I was actually sick and couldn't make it to class/work/etc. was the fall of 2006. I have been super lucky health-wise. Alas, my crappy apartment building is under construction and the heat and hot water are unreliable to say the least.

Okay, so I did make it to WW on Saturday and I'm really glad I did. There are some really wonderful women at that meeting and I feel really comfortable with them. One beats herself up so much for wanting to lose weight, and I just feel so bad for her. She says its because she has so little overall to lose that she feels guilty. Honestly, she's been near tears at the past two meetings I've been to, so how can you be upset with her? And the things she worries about are so universal that we all understand where she is coming from. (Of course there is also the obligatory crazy lady who talks a lot, but that is New York for you, and she's a story for another time.)

I have learned that I need to start tracking again. I don't know if I'm ready to start counting points again, but I definitely need to start writing things down. I always found that so comforting when I tracked and now, ugh!, but I know I should. I was going to join Road Runners - they start classes again in January. And then, on the way to work yesterday, walking the 10 blocks in daylight, I was like, really, running at night in New York in January and February? After winter last year in Las Vegas? I don't think I can do it. I know I'm a wuss (okay, twice I've used that word during this post!), but I just don't think I can do it.

Okay, I'm off to weigh myself in the bathroom. I'll post it at the top. Ugh!


Vickie said...

I noticed the NO sick thing too. When I got my chronic things (migraines, asthma, allergies, female stuff) all fixed - I discovered that I wasn't sick any more. I don't know if I never actually WAS sick (it was just the chronic stuff not being under control) or if I now just don't get sick any more. I have not had the flu or a cold in YEARS. Every once in a while I will have a tired or slightly achy day and think - I bet that if I wasn't eating right or getting sleep or drinking plenty of water - that would have been a full blown case of something. My kids are the same way - very much on top of things - and never sick also.

Vickie said...

I do not blame you in the slightest for not wanting to run in the dark in the winter - ICE - injuries are just not worth it. But there are a lot of other things you can do - even without a gym membership.

I agree - you just have to figure out a method for dealing with food - tracking, plan, whatever you can do 24/7.

Just ain't no magic. . .

TrixieBelden said...

Hey Vickie It is interesting what you find - healthwise - once you lose weight. I'm glad I'm not imagining things. Obviously the biggest difference I have seen is that I can walk for miles - literally - all weekend and not be tired at all. What a nice bonus after years of being miserable in the city. It doesn't phase me now to walk the 17 blocks to the library (each way) on Saturdays, and I actually find myself doing it even if I don't have a book to pick up or return, just because I miss it :)

I do need to think of things to do this winter to stay active. Maybe I'll put that out there as my next post/research project. My apartment is a big too tight, literally, to do exercise DVDs. But, I am thinking of getting a timer for my lights in my room to go on in the morning to get me out of bed easier. There's scaffolding blocking my window, so it's like I wake up in 5am darkness every day even though it is 7am.

Vickie said...

I never even considered morning timers - we are BIG on afternoon/evening timers. During the school year, I have three tall skinny everygreens in the kitchen covered in white lights (6', 3', 3') that come on at 3pm and go off at 10pm. It is sort of like - welcome home from school and you should be in bed! (Youngest goes to bed at 9pm FYI)

I have a big glass jar of lights upstairs that is on from 6-10pm. Very cheery - it is sort of like having a fireplace up there.

For the first time - we do not have the christmas tree on a timer this year because we moved it in front of a large window and it is on a power strip cord. On my list of things to do today is to find a timer that accepts a 3 prong plug or find a timer strip so that the tree is back on a timer - otherwise it just doesn't have the same magic.

Truly - there is NO extra room on your floor anywhere???

TrixieBelden said...

seriously, no extra room. if i committed to it i could:

a) stop showering and put it in the bathroom
b) clear out my closet and put it in there
c) clear off my dresser and put it up there

my apartment is that frackin small. welcome to the big nyc my friends, ya'll are welcome on my couch, but i can't open my closet while the sofa bed is open :)

Julie said...

Hi Trixie, it's Julie from Flip This Body. Just wanted to say hi and I am so proud of you for accomplishing your goal. I think back to summer 2006 and realize that's when I started my weight loss journey too. I lost 30 lbs for my wedding, and have gained about 25 back. But I turned over a new leaf last week and I'm back on the wagon. You are really inspiring to me and I'm adding you to my Google Reader so I can make sure to keep up with your posts. I know it's been a year since you met your goal, but since I wasn't around, here's a belated MAZEL TOV!