Saturday, December 20, 2008

Love Actually Insults (The Movie)

Weekly Weigh-in:

142.8 lbs. @ WW on Saturday, Dec. 20th

144.8 lbs. @ home on Saturday, Dec. 20th

So, that 2 lb. difference is a little weird, I'm not used to weighing myself at home AND at WW, but I'm still down from last week, so I'll take 142 or 144 :)

I just watched what I would like to call a sweet movie about different kinds of love - Love Actually. I haven't seen it since I saw it in the movie theatre years ago. (I pretty much see anything Colin Firth is in - I'm a HUGE fan of the BBC's version of Pride & Prejudice from the 90's - swoon!) It was really quite lovely in some ways, but in others, it was a little disturbing. Then tended to demonize overweight women. The character Hugh Grant's character is in love with is called "plumpy" by her parents (a childhood nickname) and said she broke up with her boyfriend because he said she was getting fat! Meanwhile the actress looked healthy. This disturbed me because what if some people really thought she was overweight? No one really clarified the fact that her boyfriend was batty for talking about her weight. Then there was another character who had an overweight sister. This time Colin Firth's character shows up at the girl's doorstep and asks her father for her hand in marriage. Of course the "joke" is that this girl isn't home - but her overweight sister is standing in the background, and Colin's character couldn't POSSIBLY mean her. I also found out that they cut another scene out of the American version that's in the British version where a guy, who until this scene pretty much as an unrequited crush on Keira Knightly's character, fat. Ugh! It never stops! I don't understand why a perfectly lovely movie had to lower itself to such tired and inaccurate stereotypes. I'm in my own living room, alone, and yet I still winced at these scenes. And really, what are they thinking - it's a romcom - their market are WOMEN! - so why make so many of them uncomfortable? why insult so many of them? why do we put up with it?

On a happier note, I got most of my stuff done today. I'm buying the tea tomorrow because Starbucks was crazy, but I found it at my corner market, so I'm going back tomorrow. I also need rain boots because when it snows here GIGANTIC puddles form that make it impossible to get from the sideway to the street without wadding through puddles about 2-3 feet wide.

On an unhappier note, I just don't feel like doing work tomorrow. Partially because I should have delegated all of this to my team, but they say they are working at capacity, so it falls to me if I want it to get done. And, in the end, I want it to get done. I guess I should be happy I'm on vacation from Tuesday-Monday. It's the first real vacation I've take since I started at the end of April. Let's see if I can stay off the computer for work for 7 days straight! So, I'll work a little tomorrow and a lot Monday and then relax! :)


Amazon Alanna said...

Yeah for vacation! You certainly deserve it, Trix. And:

No worries, Trixie, I am not quitting the blog! I just meant I couldn't log out of blogger without posting some pics of the baby!

Oh, and my word verification word is "bangerine"...almost sounds like a real word.

Vickie said...

I have black with white polka dot rain boots that I adore - Gap - a year or more ago. Nice and thick soles - I wear them in the winter too - not to hike for miles - but in the in and out of library, stores, yoga, etc where ones feet can get wet and then cold. I looked for a pair with a different print (paisley or plaid) for my middle child for Christmas this year but did not find any that were wonderful. Her birthday is in the spring - I am hoping that they are out then.

Vickie said...

after I typed 'the gap' - I went to their web site and looked - didn't like the gap ones - but at one of their other stores/on line - piperlime - found very cute ones and ordered them.

totegirl said...

I didn't like that movie at all because of all the things you just mentioned! The whole end scene where he makes a joke about her weight when he lifts her up just raised my hackles! Ugh, hate that movie!

So, don't ask me for dating advice woman! I kind of suck at it. The beautiful boy that I've been seeing has blown me off since Saturday. :( The only advice I would give is to date EVERYONE! I signed up for match and eharmony. I prefer eharmony. Also, diversify! Don't do like I did and put all your love eggs in one basket! And I do love that beautiful boy. But he's just not for me. :(

Good luck gorgeous!

Vickie said...

more boot updates - they actually arrived on Christmas eve - yea!!! I thought they would come next week and I would save them for her birthday.

I am writing very early on christmas morning to wish you a very happy holiday season. I am very glad that you are back writing again on a regular basis!!! I miss you when you are gone for long stretches.

Vickie said...

Here is another set of exercises from the same link I gave you before:

Part of the set includes gym equipement and can be substituted - but she does such a nice job of putting sets together, that I thought I would forward it to you.

I love JUST GET TO IT AND WORK sets like this blogger posts - no moving your body thru air and pretending that you are working - sweat rolling off the body, wishing you were somewhere else, really working sets that get the job done.

DId you get your Jillian DVD's???

Anavar said...

I saw that movie and I'm total fan of Hugh's movies. I have to say that I completely agree with you that concept of the love in the movie is a bit off. All good! Greetings