Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the Wagon?

144.6 lbs. - Saturday, Nov. 22 @ WW
145.2 lbs. - Sunday, Nov. 23 @ home

So, I went to a WW meeting yesterday for the first time in months. I knew I was above my goal weight, because I was prepared after buying my scale last week, which was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Although I think I have gone to this location one too many times saying, "Hi, I'm a Lifetime member, but I haven't been here in a few months and I know I'm above my goal weight."

So, I really liked the WW leader at yesterday's meeting. He has obviously been doing this for a while. He was engaging and funny and supportive. I don't know what it is about male WW leaders, but I think I found my new Melvin. This guy's name is Hal. He asked what we were thankful for and I said that I knew it was corny, but that I was thankful WW is national because I've been moving around a lot, but I've always been able to come back to WW and a supportive environment. (I skipped over the crazy ladies in Las Vegas who said that everyone at our meeting had a food addiction.) He also made me realize that I've kept off over 95% of the weight I lost for a year. I had been hung up on the fact that I've gained since getting down to 135 lbs., but I hadn't been paying attention that I've actually kept off the weight for a whole frackin year! Now I really feel like I have something to celebrate! I'm thinking again of getting something to commemorate this milestone. Any ideas?

If you look at the weight from last week to this week, I lost about 1/2 a pound. That works for me. I made really healthy choices until last night. Actually, the food wasn't the problem, it was the beer. Beer is my downfall. I love good beer. I had Harpoon Winter Ale last night. Unfortunately I'm still not used to not being able to drink as much as my friend who is heavier than I am. My body just doesn't metabolise alcohol like it used to. I think I am going to have to practice portion control like I do with food. It makes sense. Has anyone else had a similar problem after losing a significant amount of weight?


Linh said...

Keeping off 95% of your weight for a year is a great accomplishment! You should definitely celebrate. I'm glad you found a meeting leader that you like. I've never had much luck finding a meeting/leader I liked in my various visits to WW.

Vickie said...

My college friend Helen:

first quit smoking

then lost her weight
(she is still working on the last bits)

and one of her current hurdles is alcohol - that impacts the scale greatly for her - I don't know that she is trying to stop drinking totally - but she definitely will identify with you that it is impacting the scale.

PS - I have seen her write about addictive personality traits so if the WW leaders talking about this set off a nerve in you . . .I don't know how you will feel about that. I personally think that we probably all DO have addictive personality traits and just don't recognize it . . .you will read people talk about the all or nothing, black or white, perfectionism/procrastination thing - and that is probably how we all interpret addictive traits. . .