Saturday, November 29, 2008

GBU Thanksgiving with the Parents

So, I packed my parents up and they were back on the road to Virginia about 3 hours ago. Without traffic they should be home in an hour and a half, which was the whole reason they left today and not tomorrow. So in honor of Mouse, I'm doing my version of the good and the bad and the ugly for Thanksgiving:

The Good:
I had a lovely time with them. My Mom and I went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and were so close we high fiving all the people dressed as clowns (or toast and pats of butter!) that were walking in the parade. We were about 4 people back from the baracade and by the time Santa's float came with the people dressed as elves and Christmas trees we were up front (see video below). It was awesome and worth standing in the cold from 6:30am until the parade started at 9:00am with all the other nice and crazy people.

The Bad:Unfortunately, my Dad only wanted to leave my apartment for smoke breaks and to walk to dinner. And he is having such a hard time walking. It is not good. He's been in Virginia since September and still hasn't seen a doctor about his emphasema and he's on a nebulizer, but still continues to smoke. My family, unfortuately is not good at tough love, so no one is stopping him. It is so sad when he makes the excuse to take a cab home from dinner (9 blocks away) because he ate too much instead of admitting he can't breathe when he walks. Ugh! How do you give parents tough love about their health?

The Ugly: I didn't have heat or hot water in my apartment from Wednesday night until Friday night. My Mom and I had to go to a friend's apartment to shower and my super in my building made me feel guilty and like it was my fault I didn't have hot water. So sad. Have I mentioned I hate conflict. :(

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Vickie said...

very sad to hear about your dad - but if he is mobile and can buy his own poisin - I don't think there is anything anyone can do - he has to decide for himself. It is just like a food addiction. Very sad for you all - it is hard to watch someone else suffer when there is help, an answer available. Glad you had a good time with them - sorry about the no hot water. Our old house - when it was first built - they crossed the lines for hot and cold - so we thought we had no hot water for showers (and were showering at the gym) and were actually watering the new sod with hot water. . .it is only funny now - not at the time of working full time and having what we thought was no hot water in the mornings.