Monday, February 11, 2008

You Learn Something New Every Day

My dad went to the doctor today. He told us at dinner what his blood pressure is and how much he weighs. He only weighs 174 lbs. He's 6 foot. I almost freaked out. That means that when I was at my highest, I weighed about 50 lbs. more than he does. I am glad I didn't know that when I told him how much I weighed after my weigh-ins each week at WW over the past 15 months. I guess it shouldn't make a difference, but the context it puts my weight history in shocks the sh*t out of me. I kept considering what I had weighed in the past when I was at a healthier weight, and my mom would sometimes give me the perspective of what she weighed at the time, but it never occurred to me to ask my dad what he weighed. i guess i just figured men and women are different when it came to weight. is it sad that i am somehow more embarrassed now that i was so forthcoming about my weight during the whole process? i know i shouldn't have been and i'm sure that's why he didn't tell me, but wow, it really surprised me tonight. i know weight it just a number, and that it doesn't tell the whole story. one thing my mom pointed out is that he has like zero muscle because he never works out or does any kind of physical activity, and muscle weighs more than fat. i know its something trivial, but i'm glad i learned it today, and not last year!


Jeni said...

I felt the same way when I found out what my brother-in-law weighed. I just couldn't believe he weighed so much less than me. I guess I just figured as a woman, I should always weigh so much less than a man. But alas, that's not always the case is it?

Comparing our bodies to other people's, whether man or woman, is just so hard. So now I just try to measure my progress by where I was/where I am now/where I want to go. There's only one you!

marie said...

The men in my family seem to have a magic number in the high 220s as their highest weight when they start getting concerned about their health.

Then I think back to my weight when I was 21 and I would see 230 and up.

Made me a bit nauseous.

angelfish24 said...

I've always been aware of approx what my dad weighs and of course, my husband. It makes me sick to think I'm bigger than them. That, and also when they have the football lineups and they say, 'here's so and so football player weighing in at 220' and I realize, wow, I really got lose some. ha.
I'm back on program tomorrow. I'm tired of my lack of progress and stress. I need to do something now. Come over and give me a kick in the butt if I don't do it. ha.

Kim said...

I remember the day that I stepped on the scale and realized that I finally weighed less than my husband. Knowing that I had been so much heavier than him for so long still makes me sick to my stomach to think about.