Monday, February 18, 2008

Walking & Talking

Thanks for all the b-day well wishes. It was a good day :)

I've been going on long walks with my Mom the past few days. We're usually gone for about an hour. We just walk around the neighborhood. A lot of times we'll walk to Starbucks and I'll get a light mocha frappucino and she'll get a skinny hazelnut latte (the new name for the non-fat sugar-free lattes). Of course our Starbucks break is more points than we earn on the walk, but it is still nice to get out and move with someone else. We tried running together a few weeks ago, but running on the sidewalk hurt my Mom's knees. She's been running on the treadmill at the gym, but the sidewalk was too hard for her. It's a shame because it was really cool to try to keep pace with someone. It was very motivational. The last time I ran with another person I was a teenager and at soccer practice! :)

I've still been running. I think the last time I ran was Friday. I need to commit to expanding my route because it just isn't enough for me. But I'm still happy doing the intervals (8 to 10 minutes of running and then walking for a few minutes). I suppose I could push myself to up it to 11 to 12 minutes, but I think I'm going to go for endurance by adding another 10 minute run. I think I will give that a try tomorrow or Wednesday.

The job search is gettin interesting. I had a phone interview today with a very nice guy, but the position was just too close to what I was going pre-MBA and I just don't want to go back to being miserable at work all the time. I have an offer from another company, but we haven't agreed on salary yet and I am waiting to hear about a potential second interview with a consumer packaged goods company that sells natural personal care products. That one I'm really excited about, but I'm afraid to turn down the offer and risk not getting the job. It's nerve racking. I'm also applying for part-time jobs here in Vegas. The library rejected me - bummer. But I've applied at Borders and I'm going to apply at Barnes & Noble, DSW and Michael's. Basically, I'm picking places where I don't think I'll have to meet a sales goal. I learned at Ann Taylor I'm just not that good at sellling. I'm great at customer service, but not sales.

Things are movin' and shakin'! Stay tuned!

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Lily T said...

I know what you mean about keeping pace with someone. It really is motivating, although the few times I went jogging with others they seemed to want to go faster than even they can maintain. I don’t like that so much, which is why I only seem to like to hike or bike with others.