Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tortillas are the enemy

So I have discovered over the past few days, with the assistance of, that tortillas are the enemy. Tortilla chips, tortilla shells, just tortillas in general. I know I have a problem when it comes to tortillas, but I never knew how bad what I thought my general consumption was. I know I can't buy bags of Tostitos anymore because I will eat the whole thing. But I didn't know how bad for me my four chicken soft tacos for dinner were. I am going to need to reshape my whole dinner diet because chicken soft tacos (homemade, don't worry) are just killing me.

I have also seen that I eat better during the week than on the weekend. I have more structure during the week, so that makes sense. I also have less access to food during the week - unless you could the evil vending machine at work that is home to the sinister cinnamon brown sugar Pop Tarts.

I should start putting together my baggies of goodness - little snack bags of carrots, Cherrios and pretzel sticks. They account for my breakfast and snacks during the day at work. Last week was the first time I did it and it seemed to work well. I only had the evil Pop Tarts once. I was supposed to make a tuna casserole tonight for lunches this week, but I of course got lazy. I still have one lunch left over from last week that I can eat tomorrow. Think I'll actually make the casserole tomorrow night? Personally, I have my doubts, but we'll see.


Jen said...

Hi there, welcome to the blogging world! I saw your name and got all excited. I was a huge Trixie fan! Go Bobwhites, lol. ;)

Weekends are always more difficult for me as well.

Good luck to you!

iportion said...

Can you buy or make lower caloerie tortillas?

I just made a batch of homemade tortillas for my husband. They are rather small. No rolling pin.
I need to take a nap bfore I eat them all.
Have you thought of making one day a week tortila day. Meaning you count it but allow.

Sunday's are sometimes hard for me. I just feel hungryer on sunday's.