Friday, August 22, 2008

It Happens to the Best of Us

Yep, I'm up. 9.2 lbs. since mid-June to be precise. I knew I was up before I got weighed in today. My clothes had been feeling different. They still fit, but they felt different. And I ran a little bit yesterday morning and everything felt much jigglier than I remembered :) But, I'm not down about it. Yes, gaining almost 10 lbs. in 2 months is how I ended up obese in the first place, but now I can course correct. I knew I was making poor food choices, but I was in denial:

* I started having a piece of cake here or there when it was some one's birthday.
* I actually had McDonald's last week!
* I have been eating all together too many bagels lately. I started eating them again in Vegas, but usually only after hiking for 3 hours. Now I just eat them because it's morning!
* I've been eating a ton of pita too. And hummus. Both in proper portion are fine, but I haven't been measuring out portions, or even reading calorie and fat counts!
* And then there's the beer and the wine. I've been drinking too often. And sometimes its not even light beer.

And yes, I walk a lot, but I walked just as much when I lived here 75 lbs. ago. That just isn't going to cut it. I'm going running tomorrow morning. I may only be able to run for a minute, but I'm going to start again. I don't want to join a gym because for me its just a waste of money - I won't go often enough to make it worthwhile. But, maybe, just maybe, I can consistently go running. And, then of course, I need to start some resistance/weight training.

So, I'm not saying I'm going to be perfect. But I did measure out my hummus tonight and only had 1/2 a piece of pita. I'm just going to go back to taking it one day at a time. My new goal - lose 5 pounds in the next 4 weeks. That might be too ambitious, but if I was able to again that much in the same amount of time, maybe I can lose it too! :) But, I'm in this weight-loss game for the long haul. I'm just going to go back to what worked for me for so many months. Easier said than done, I know, but if I did it once, I can do it again!


Amazon Alanna said...

Sounds like you've assessed and have coe to terms with the whole WW thing. 9.2 pounds really isn't that bad...think of all those people you see in WW meetings who used to be lifetime members but left and only cameback after they gained 50 pounds back. You are totally nipping that in the bud!

angelfish24 said...

You can lose those 9 pounds! It will just take a while.
Way to go on being accountable and catching it now not like me and keeping my head in the sand.

Vickie said...

congrats on catching yourself so quickly 10 pounds and under is a very good catch. You can see how quickly it might be 20 pounds! I often wonder/worry about the people that "use" how their clothes fit as their "catch". Because I think it can be as much as 20 pounds before it really kicks in and we realize something is not working.

In my opinion either
1. the food/exercise has to be VERY consistent (I mean "spot on")
2. the scale must be checked at least once a week.

JODI said...

hey there~

your post is like a wake-up call to me because i've been 'feeling' the same way... though my clothes fit, they may not be fitting like they were in may, so that's a bit disconcerting... BUT i'm still refusing to let the scale tell me how i'm feeling about myself... :op

i think you have the right attitude about the gain and though the number may seem big - like you said, you know what you have to do in order to correct that... i think that's the hardest battle - knowing something and doing something...

either way, i'm with ya babe... we'll be okay regardless... :o)

Kim said...

The important thing is that you've caught it before you hit double digits. It can be hard to face the scale, but it was wonderful that you did so you can take care of it.

One day at a time is all it takes!!! :) YOU CAN DO IT...AGAIN!!!! :)

marie said...

Better that you figured it out at 9.2 vs 92 :)

Laura N said...

Heh, I did the same thing earlier this year. Started eating like a "normal" person, and gained 9 pounds. Bagels were part of my problem, too! Occasional treats aren't the problem, IMO. It's the consistency of the bagels, pita, and "only" walking that does it. That's what happened to me, too. Stopped training for a long race, got lax about working out, stopped logging my food, and BAM - on came the pounds.

Looking forward to reading about you kicking those pounds to the curb.