Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shout Out to Meredith who reached GOAL!!!!

Hey all, I just wanted to give a shout out to my old WW friend Meredith who reached goal last week! I met her at my great meetings before I moved and we've been keeping in touch via email. She was one of the people who inspired me to start running. I am so proud of her and all her hard work and dedication! And get this, she's running a half marathon this weekend. Woo Hoo! Hot D*mn! She's great and I really learned a lot from her during our meetings with our beloved Melvin. If you're reading this Meredith - Congrats again!

I wasn't very productive today, but I did run yesterday. I managed to run for about 1.25 miles without stopping. Very cool! I altered my route and made it shorter because I just didn't want to run uphill at the end of my route. This route was much flatter and easier. Yep, I'm not ashamed to say I took the eas-ier way out. I think you just gotta do that sometimes. If it isn't windy again tomorrow, I'm going to go running.


Kim said...

You are doing AMAZING!! Keep up the great work!!

totegirl said...

Hey, you went. Who cares if the track was flat! I prefer the harder stuff up front anyway.

You're sweet for the shout-out. I need to get the hell on track so you can do a shout-out for me!


angelfish24 said...

yeahhhh!!!! for your friend reaching goal. And running a 1/2 marathon, that's inpiring.
You are doing great on your running too.