Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Called Being Creative

Hey there. Hope you all are doing well. I am off the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich ledge and feeling much better. I didn't eat the other 2 ice cream sandwiches that night, but I don't think I'll be buying another 6 pack of anything (ice cream, beer, etc.) any time soon. Those things always get me into trouble with control and over-eating issues. I wish I still lived in NYC where you can buy 1 ice cream treat or 1 bottle of beer at a corner bodega any time you want. Of course it is a higher per unit cost, but the per a** cheek cost is lower by far.

I haven't been working out much now that the pool is closed and I have to spend $7 every time I want to do water aerobics. I limited myself to only doing it 2 times this past week. It was lovely, but I just couldn't justify spending the money for the third session. You'll also be proud of me that I have stopped buying non-fat smoothies after working out and I have stopped buying mocha light frappucinos after my WW meetings each week. These "treats" weren't effecting my waist line in a bad way, but they were putting a dent in my pocket book. I need to motivate myself to start working out on land. I'm back to trying to get myself excited over my Cardio Sculpt DVD. It's good, but it ain't water aerobics.

On the job front things aren't looking up. I have a lead on a position at a big candy company located in the middle of nowhere (compared to NYC), but you know how most leads work out for me. I applied for a job at Barnes & Noble on Craigslist, but I think I have to go in and fill out an application too. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to working at B&N - I love books. But, I have no worry I'll spend my money at the store b/c I am a firm believer in libraries. I have about 4 books out right now and I have about 9 CDs and 10 DVDs of popular TV shows on hold b/c I'm getting my cable shut off today. *sniff* But, I'm psyched about everything my little library system has to offer.

Okay, time to get pretty - I have a BBQ to go to. Kinda strange since I am usually a hermit.

Take care, Trixie


angelfish24 said...

Good luck on your job prospects. I know what you you mean by the treats in a pack of six, sometimes it's hard to stop at one. But, in my family I eat one and the next day they mysteriosly are gone. My son and hubby eat my diet icea cream. Hmppphhh!

Salma Gundi said...

Barnes and Noble used to let employees "borrow" books - somewhat like a lending library. You literally checked out with the Operating Manager and checked back in with the whatever it is in sellable condition. It was a great job perk.

I hear you about the Skinny Cows. I think if they were individually wrapped, it wouldn't be so hard to say no to having a second one. I might actually try wrapping them separately the next time I buy them - I don't like the freezer taste they get when a little old, either.

Lily T said...

Good luck on your new venture. By reading your last post, it sounds like you’re moving in the right direction. It’s too bad regarding all the sacrificing you have to make, but if it means less stress over finances than I believe it’s a good idea.