Friday, September 07, 2007

Half Empty or Half Full?

Sorry I've been MIA. Things have been a little crazy here and I just haven't been up to sharing about my weight loss or everything else that's going on.

First, the good news. I got a adjunct teaching position at a local university for the fall semester. I am a late to the start of the semester replacement for an introductory marketing class. I'm thrilled. I have always wanted to teach and here's my chance to see if I'm good at it/enjoy it. I had my first class yesterday and it couldn't have gone better if I had tried. The kids participated, took notes, were well-behaved (college juniors and seniors). Keep your fingers crossed that the rest of the semester goes 1/2 as well.

Next, the bad news. You may or may not know that adjunct faculty positions pay peanuts. What I will make this semester doesn't even cover 1 months expenses. I have been looking tirelessly for a full-time job, but now I'm looking for positions that will at least pay me a fraction of what I need so that I can supplement the money I need to ... borrow from family. I won't go into the details now, but as I'm sure you know, borrowing money from family can be messy, frustrating, embarrassing and just plain sucks. I thought I had trimmed all my expenses to the minimum, but now I'm thinking of even shutting my TV off entirely. (I'm a TV junky, and had been pursuing work in television, so that is a big step for me.) Now, it just seems like a frivolous expense. I'm trying desperately to stay in my current apartment since I don't know where I'll get a job and when I'll need to move. (Although I have every intention of seeing the semester through with my class.)

Okay, so I do have some good news. All of this stress has actually encouraged me to exercise MORE. Water aerobics has been great and I'm trying to come up with a way to continue to afford it and Weight Watchers, but I think water aerobics is going to have to go. I have also been eating really well. I just found out at my weigh-in yesterday that I have officially lost a total of 70 lbs. It feels good to have one thing in my life working, but I don't know if I'd rather have some of those 70 lbs. back if I could also have money to support myself. I have been self-sufficient since college graduation 12 years ago, so this whole money thing feels like a big failure of mine on so many levels.

So, thank you for letting me go on and on about my tale of woe. I appreciate you letting me share. I know I am not the only one with money problems out there, so I hope you will not find me too selfish - I am lucky enough to have family who are willing and able to help me.

I'll keep you posted on everything and promise to write more soon.


Lady T said...


man...we are going thru some parallel money issues. i work a job thats not quite making ends meet.....and then i just signed a month to month lease (which adds $220+ to my rent) bc signing the 12 month one made me very uneasy.....i'm actually looking at letting my apartment go and moving back in with my parents! shocking. i am completely self reliant...and just 6 months ago, i would have picked a cardboard box on the side of the street over living with my family again.....

things change...

angelfish24 said...

Glad you are teaching but sorry it's not very much money for you. Sometimes, you gotta let family help but I know all too well how it can feel to have family help and not feel good inside about it. You will get more money in the future, I'm sure of it. Hang in there.
And congrats on the 70lbs lost. Wow.

Lily T said...

Don’t down play your troubles. I know that it can be worst, but it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s STRESSFUL! Who wouldn’t be? However, I’m glad that you are exercising the stress away! Good for you!

Kim said...

Congrats on the new job! That's awesome!!

I'm sorry to hear about the money crunch. It's never a fun position to be in, that's for sure. I hope that something more financially rewarding comes your way soon. :)

Vanessa said...

Congratulations on the teaching position! It will look great on your resume and I'm sure the perfect job is just around the corner.

And the 70 lbs?! Awesome.