Saturday, August 11, 2007

XL Adidas Pant Give-away

Hey guys, in cleaning out my closets I found a perfectly good pair of Adidas work-out pants that I didn't want to just give to a thrift store, so I am offering them up to one of you for FREE. (They've been worn less than 10 times. I like to work out in water more than on land :) Here's the details on the pants:

* Size: XL (16-18) [but I wore them when I was also wearing size 20 Gap jeans]
* Color: Navy blue with 3 green stripes down the side
* Waist: Elastic drawstring
* Fabric: 100% polyester
* Additional information from Please note, these pants were purchased at a outlet mall and NOT from But, I found the same type of pants online and I don't have a working digital camera, so you can check out what they look like. (Please note, the pants are a different color than pictured.)

So, here's how the give-away is going to work. Just post a comment saying you are interested in the pants. The deadline is Thursday, August 16 at midnight EST. I'll take the list of people who are interested and put them into which will sort them in random order. The 1st person listed in random order will get the pants. I'll post the winner on Friday, August 17th and contact them for their address (U.S. only please) and mail them the pants shortly thereafter. I'll cover postage. (To clarify, the contest is only open to addresses in the contiguous U.S. Sorry to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and my international friends!)

I hope at least someone is interested. They are super-comfy! Happy exercising!


Kim said...

Hi Trixie! I wanted to say CONGRATS on being down the .6! That's awesome. You are but a bathroom trip away from the 150's!! :)

Those pants sound pretty darn nice... :) Although the idea of running in long pants right now makes me break out into a sweat!!! :) You are so sweet to send them out to cyberspace!!

Lily T said...

Ooooo! How fun! Although I’m happy to say that I wouldn’t be able to fit them! Yay!

Glad your back in water aerobics class.

KL said...

I'm game! Maybe no one else will sign up, and they'll be mine. :)

You're awesome!

angelfish24 said...

Ok, I'm in. They might fit me now or in a bit. I'll play!
Way to go on getting rid of you older, bigger stuff! That must feel good.

Cory said...

I'm in too. They sound awesome.

Congrats on your loss this week as well.

Suzanne said...

Hi Trixie. Came to your site from Renee's Fatfighters Fitroll.

I'd love to be included in the contest for the pants.


Vanessa said...

Congrats on the .6 - slow and steady is always good.

And I'm in on the adidas pants!

Love your blog.