Monday, August 13, 2007

Big Medicine/ Small(er) Bras

Has anyone ever watched the show Big Medicine on TLC? I watched it for the first time tonight. Even though I haven't gone the weight loss surgery route, I really felt a connection with the 3 people they profiled. The show had some pretty graphic footage of what 2 of the people looked like naked. They had already had bariatric or gastric bypass surgery and now they were having surgery to get rid of loose skin. The amount of loose skin this one woman had was honestly shocking. (The doctor said he removed a total of 15 pounds of skin. Which, according to him, is a lot.) The other woman had less loose skin, but it was still substantial enough for surgery (both tummy and breast lifts). I felt compelled to look at myself in the bathroom mirror and study my bulges after the show. I don't know if it was a healthy way to spend my time or not. I don't think I'm at the stage of my weight loss to know if I even want/need to have loose skin removed. And, by saying that, I think it means that I don't have that much extra skin, or I would be more self-conscious. But, it made me wonder how much smaller my stomach and hips would be without the bulge I do have. I have been a little over-worried about loose skin since the beginning of this journey. I guess I'll think more about it once I get to my goal weight. (Although I don't know how I'd afford the surgery, so that's a big consideration.)

I would, however, definitely like to have a breast lift. But I've wanted a breast lift since I was a sophomore in college! (14 drooping years ago) I just bought new bras that are like a breath of fresh air. I was long overdue for new bras, but I kept avoiding buying them because I told myself I didn't really *need* them and I didn't have the money. (If I don't have the money for new bras, how am I going to afford a breast lift :) Well, when I put on new bras I realized how wrong I was. I figured I would be a different size since I haven't bought bras since well before I started to lose weight. I tried measuring them, but I kept getting crazy figures. So, I went to this website - - (she was on Oprah's bra intervention show) and it gave me a size recommendation. When I tried that size on - and a few others to check - it was spot on correct. When I'm wearing them, its like my breasts are back where they belong! I went from a 38/40D to a 36DD. And my sister is sort of mesmerized by the fact that my breasts have gotten *so much smaller*. I think it's funny. (She never says it around anyone else.) I don't really notice a difference.

How do you guys feel about having loose skin removed? Do you worry about it at all?

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marie said...

i've stopped watching that show because it's making me obsessive about tummy tucks and breast lifts.

i've lost about 100lbs since i was 21 and i watch those shows and i see me staring back. I just don't have the courage to get naked in front of a camera :P ..or go under the knife :(

Vickie said...

A very brave woman detailed her journey at the above link. I thought I needed skin removed too, until I read this collection of information. It might help you too.

Bras are wonderful in what they do. I have written quite a bit about them too. I have lived with just 3 at a time for my journey. They haven't always been the same three, but they have always been 3 that really fit. I handwash each night. I have made them last that way.

there is a woman in my water aerobics class that is very large chested with no support in her suit. I wear a swimming suit that has as much support as my bras. I have seen large chested teenagers wear a brightly colored, sports bra under their suits. It looks fine as we are now all used to seeing assorted straps and layers in everything everyone wears.

My excess skin is still continueing to "soak" up. And believe me there was LOTS of it. My non-medical, non-educated advice is to do regular pilates and yoga starting now (if you are not already) in addition to your cardio.

And to wail one full year AFTER you reach goal to decide.

Vickie said...

If you are REALLY bothered by all these thoughts and want to read about someone else being bothered by all these thoughts - belly fat (label on bottom of my side bar) has a lot of these types of thoughts from all last year.

A Heathier Me said...

I just wrote a blog about getting a boob job! I've lost over 100lbs so far and I have about 30lbs to go to reach my goal weight. I've been thinking about a boob lift/enlargement and tummy tuck for a while but I haven't taken any serious steps as of yet. Good luck with everything!

KL said...

I'm VERY worried about excess skin. I've decided to put off thinking about surgery until next summer, when I hope to be at or close to my goal weight. I'm seeing a lot of excess skin now, so I'm pretty sure that will continue to be a problem. I'm down about 55 pounds and have at least that much to go.

As for bras, if you have the chance, you need to go to the Intimacy store. There's one here in Atlanta. I think they're also in Chicago and New York. The bras are very expensive, but well worth the money. Of course, I say that, but I'm still kind of waiting for a while for new bras. I'll probably wait until it's just unbearable for me due to the price tag. I may also ask for a gift card for my birthday in November or the holidays.

Lily T said...

I’ve seen that show twice and coincidently the second time was the same show that you mentioned!

I would wait for a while before considering having skin removed. I’ve heard that skin takes a while to catch up to your weight loss and age has a lot to do with it. Why pay for something that nature might take care for you? You probably don’t see too much loose skin because your weight loss has been slow compared to someone with WLS.

angelfish24 said...

I like the Wacoal bras at Nordstrom. They are pricey but they do give you lift. I don't think I went to smaller bras. I actually moved from D to DD or so. ha. But way more support!

I don't know if I will want extra skin off my body. Of course, I won't know till I lose all the weight and that's a year or so. I prob. would consider a tummy tuck or boob lift or even a breast reduction. I know I have always felt a little awkard being large chested and was always larger even when I was thin. But, they bother you even more when you age more and after a child they go south for sure! It bugs me a lot! But, will I live with it? I don't know. I can't afford surgery either and would I go under the knife? I don't know, time will tell. I do know that everyone that had reductions told me it was the best thing they ever did. I wonder about the scars though and other concerns too. Anyway, I'm going on and on. Talk to ya later.

Amazon Alanna said...

Hi Trix! I left you a little something on my blog.....

The Patients Advantage said...

If you are going to go down the cosmetic surgery road...check out Better to be safe than sorry.

BigMedicine said...

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