Monday, August 20, 2007

I Pass the "Nice Matters Award" onto ...

Thanks to Amazon Alanna for the shout out. I've had a hard time singling 3 blogs out for the "Nice Matters" award. I have gotten such nice comments from so many people it is a shame to pick only 3. But, I have decided to pass the "Nice Matters" award along to:

* Kim at Kim Under Construction for the motivation and inspiration to start her own challenge
* Jodi at Just Another Weigh for stepping up and being a team captain for Kim's challenge
* KL at From YAWN to Come Hither for just being herself

So guys, now you have to pass around the love to people in blogland you think are good eggs.


jodi said...

thanks for nominating me... :o)

Kim said...

Awww are SO SWEET!!!! You made my day. Crimany - is it legal for me to nominate you??? :)

KL said...

Woohoo! Thanks Trixie. First the pants and now THIS? That's love. And even more, I get to share this award with two of my favorite bloggers (who of course I would have nominated myself!). I think you have excellent taste in bloggers!