Monday, April 02, 2007

And then she said, "Have a Thin Week!"

Okay, so I haven't posted in a week because I've been feeling super guilty. I was okay during my spring break in Vegas, but I wasn't really good. I was up when I weighed in there, which I expected, but if you recall in my last post I said I had come to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to be able to take the 1.6 pounds off in 1 week. Well, I weighed-in last Thursday and I was down ... 3.8 pounds! Craziness I tell you! Something must be wrong with the scales at my Weight Watchers because I did not do enought to be down that much. Maybe the Las Vegas scales overestimated how much I was up, but still. I get weighed in on Thursdays and I didn't start watching my points again until a week ago Sunday. So from Sunday-Thursday I was super good, but I only exercised for 120 minutes. I just don't think its fair I went down that much. So, I feel guilty. I feel like I don't deserve it. Like I got some special prize that everyone else who is working harder deserves, but didn't get. This week my goal is to just keep it off.

I'm also a little worried that I don't eat enough when I am "on plan". So I started to eat a little bit more, but trying to do it healthfully. Like eating another cup of vegetables or another small boneless, skinless chicken thigh at dinner, or another cup of Cheerios in the morning. We'll see what happens when I get weighed in on Thursday.

Okay, so you might be wondering what "Have a Thin Week" means. Well, when I left the Las Vegas Weight Watchers meeting that is what the trainee meeting leader said to me and my mother. Oh my! I thought she was insane! If my meeting leader said that to me I think I would find a new meeting. My mom also thought she was crazy. I guess Weight Watchers' personality varies from region to region. Mine is pretty laid back. Has anyone at Weight Watchers ever told you to "have a thin week"? Would it bother you?


Jules said...

If you could have a "thin week" doesn't she think you would choose that every bloody week?? What a dork she is, it would definitely bother me. Why would you be at WW in the first place if you could have a thin week? I'll be having a "fat trying to get slim, not thin, week"!

TrixieBelden said...

Jules - you just made me giggle, which doesn't happen very often! :)

Lily T said...

I heard of a phenomenon where when one takes a break from their weight loss plan, they end up losing weight, initially. I think that’s what happened to me, and I thought, “Well, I can lose weight faster if I just get off my plan.” Nope, I gained it back. Live and learn.

“Have a thin week?” That’s totally a weird thing to say. I don’t think I would be offended, but I would definitely wonder about the person whom said it.

jen said...

They always say, "I'll see a little less of you next week."

I had the same phenomenon happen to me with the Potato Pancake Diet. I think what it is, really, is that we're a lot more active in our vacations than we are in our lazy, daily lives. Vegas hotels are HUGE. And when you're having fun, you don't snack on all the little junk you would eat if you were at home.

Amazon Alanna said...

My leader will sometimes say "See you losers next week!" to which we all laugh because who doesn't like a good pun?

Maybe the "thin week" is a mentallity thing, not an actual weight loss is strange to say, though.

Jules said...

I am known to make a few people giggle, maybe because I have a mouth on me like a longhaul truckie, who knows!!

angelfish24 said...

Way to go on the wt loss. Take it, you deserve it!
Yeah, I prob. wouldn't like the "have a thin week" if they said it wk after week. "have a good week" is good enough for me. Get tired of thinking about the thin person vs. the fat person thinking and that quote would make me feel, I'm not thin enough which I already know!
Have a good week!!

Natalie C. said...

Have a thin week- that's why I rely on moral support from bloggers instead of WW leaders because they are too cheesy! I need real life encouragement & relating to someone who said have a thin week is pretty hard. Oh about the weight loss when you didn't "deserve" it- that happens to me, also. But I read a good article in Fitness magazine about what can make the scale artificially high or low- mostly dehydration can make it low. But don't let it discourage you. I've been weighing every day & I have fluctuations from day to day as big as a 6 pound difference!