Saturday, November 18, 2006

You: On a Diet

I was watching television late last night and stumbled on an interesting show on Discovery Health Channel. It was called "You: On a Diet" and it profiled 5 people and how Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen guide these people "to a better understanding of the science of nutrition, while helping them change their unhealthy eating habits."

It was interesting and a positive viewing experience. I learned to look for the words "enriched" and "hydrogenated" on food packages in my pantry and throw them out. It was also a very positive story. By the end of the show (taped over a 3 month period), everyone profiled had lost weight and/or inches around their stomachs. (But that felt a little unrealistic. There were the obligatory valleys everyone hit. I have to admit it was a little cliche, but satisfying nonetheless. I like a story with a happy ending.)

That was another thing I learned, that the size of your waist is supposedly a more important indicator of health than your weight. I believe they said that for men a healthy waist size was 35 inches and for women a healthy waist size is 32 inches. But watch the show to make sure. (In the interests of full disclosure I measured my waist and its 39 inches.)

If you are in the states, I recommend checking out the show. It's on tomorrow - November 19th - at 2:00pm on the Discovery Health Channel. You can also link to the Dr. Mehmet Oz fansite on Discovery Health's website to get more information about him and the show:

Job Search Update

For those of you wondering about the progress of my job search, here it goes. I have applied for a part-time internet marketing position with a local company. I figure they'll let me work flexible hours since I'm a student. I also contacted the company I had a paid internship with this past summer. A number of interns made the transition into part-time work this fall. I foolishly didn't think I would have the time to work this fall. Well, I did and I missed that boat big time. The HR Director, who is a friend of mine, is looking into what they have available. Both of those jobs have offer the largest money earning potential - over $13/hour. If one of those two things doesn't pan out I am going to check out more things locally - like working at Curves (thanks Vickie for the idea!), Target, or temping with an agency in the city. I can't work at the university because I am already technically employed by them as a Graduate Assistant and I agreed not to work any other jobs when I took the position. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone. It will be our little secret.)


JessiferSeabs said...

This is the book I'm reading that I keep talking about in my blog -- it was on Oprah a few weeks ago, and I keep looking for the Discovery special but missing it.

Anyway, if you want even more in-depth information on the diet, I HIGHLY recommend the book... very interesting and thought provoking! Even delves into the "emotional eating" aspect of weight gain and loss.

Vickie said...

Thanks for mentioning this - I was able to tape and watch it - I am not an Oprah person - so I was interested to see the famous Dr Oz - really enjoyed his cleaning out their pantry!!!