Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bridget Jones & the "Singleton" Curse

Just Call Me Bridget
So, I didn't go out with my friends on Friday night. There were 6 of us girls that were planning to go out. Then someone had the bright idea to make it co-ed and invite all the husbands and boyfriends. The only problem with that idea is that I'm the only one who doesn't have a husband or a boyfriend. I didn't have the guts to say that I wanted it to stay all girls because I knew they wanted to invite the guys. I thought I could go through with it, but as the evening drew near I just couldn't bear the idea of hanging out with 5 couples. All I could imagine was Bridget Jones at the dinner party with all the couples trying to explain why she is still single. And I wouldn't have a Mark Darcy (or better yet, Colin Firth) in the group to come after me and tell me he liked me "just as I am". So, I lied and said I was feeling sick. It was a shame because I had been looking forward to night out with friends in the city.

Counting Points
I've been good about counting points all week - and all the good and the bad food choices. I have used up all my extra points. Actually, I am one over. But I am working hard to stay within my daily allotment of points.

Water Aerobics
I signed up for a water aerobics class. It's Tuesdays and Thursdays for 6 weeks. I may need to start going to the Wednesday Weight Watchers meeting because the class ends exactly 30 minutes before the meeting begins on Tuesdays and I don't think I can make it there that quickly. I'll let you know how the first class goes.

Campaign for Real Beauty
I went to an interesting lecture last week. It was by the Group Creative Director for Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. She was very interesting. She mentioned a cool short video on their website that shows the time-elapsed footage of a photo shoot, from the model sitting down with no makeup to the photo being massively revised with something like Photoshop. Go to and check it out and check out the Dove Self-Esteem Fund.


crankybee said...

Hi there, Trixie! I looooooved TB books as a teenager, I still have the entire series in my mother's shed!

The dove ad is great, I mean I know Dove a selling a product and all, but at least they are bring this sort of thing to the attention of those people who are unaware of it...

Great blog, I'll be back to keep reading!

Vickie said...

I have a suggestion - I wonder if you should not make up a lie/fib - but instead just say something, like "I think I'll sit this one out" or "tonight is not going to work for me after all" or something else that isn't a lie but also isn't confrontational - so that eventually when someone asks you - you can honestly say that SOMETIMES it needs to be/stay just girls when that is what the plan was. And honestly - I HAVE a husband to take - but if the plan for girls night out - I would be TICKED if they suddenly decided to take dates.

TrixieBelden said...


Your suggestion is a good one. I feel guilty every time someone asks me if I'm feeling better. I think I need to build up the confidence to believe what I want is valid and not just what "the single girl" would want. Thanks for the idea.

kathrynoh said...

I don't think you should feel bad about not going. You agree to one thing and suddenly it became something else.

Ruby said...

I'm sorry your plans for a night out fell through. I know how disappointing that can be. You know, I have to wonder if the woman with the bright idea of inviting husbands and boyfriends doesn't have some issues of her own. Perhaps she's afraid to go out without a man on her arm? Maybe she only feels worthy because of him? Maybe she's afraid if someone sees her without a guy they'll think there's something wrong with her? I don't know her reasons, but if it's okay for her to ask that plans be changed, why wouldn't it be okay for you to ask that they stay the same? Who knows, maybe there was another friend or two in your group who would have preferred a Ladies Night as well but, like you, felt too nervous to speak up.

Just something to think about.

You're doing great, Trixie. Enjoy your water aerobics classes (I'm jealous!) and keep up the great work.