Friday, December 07, 2007


So, now I'm sitting on my friend's couch with her cat Maddy in Manhattan. I have my favorite hazelnut coffee by my side as well. I got in last night and immediately it felt like I was coming home. The busy sidewalks, the traffic, the cold air, it just feels right.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but I got an invitation to move in with another old friend who lives in New York. He has a two bedroom with a cheap rent (under $1500 for the whole place) and I could move in in January/February 2008. (Yes, he's a guy, but we've been friends for 12 years and there's no sexual tension/interest there on either side.) He would be an awesome roommate, which is not the living situation I am looking for, but I don't have a lot of options right now. (The apartment/neighborhood is a little divey, so I have to check it out to make sure it is some place I'd really feel comfortable.) So, I need to run the numbers, but I think I could afford living there and paying rent/utilties if I got a good temp job even before I got a career-focused job. But, as you know, I am driving cross-country in a matter of 8 days to move in with my parents in Vegas. Moving to New York would be stressful because I would have more fixed expenses than in Vegas, but NYC has more job opportunities for someone in my field. But, to add another element to this story ... I got a second interview with a major casino/hotel/resort company in Vegas. I speak with the VP of Executive Recruitment next Wednesday and if that goes well I'll be invited to their offices to interview again around Christmas. (A stressful, but positive, way to celebrate the season if you ask me :) So, needless to say, things are very up in the air with me.

Well, I found a Weight Watchers meeting, no lie, 1 block from my friend's apartment. It starts in 40 minutes, so I have plenty o' time. I just ate a bagel the size of my head (ahhh, New York), but I am trying to tell myself that it was whole wheat so it wasn't that bad - ha ha ha :) Hopefully this third week of maintenance will have positive results. (Maybe I should add another ticker to my blog to track weeks on maintenance.) I feel like I have so much more to tell you all, but I will save it for other posts this weekend. Take care!


marie said...

OMIGAWD. If I could move to NYC, I soooo would. But that's just me.

I'm going for a weekend in two weeks and just seeing that pic got me all giggly.


But do what's right for YOU and your career.


Cory said...

You couldn't PAY me to live in New York, but I'm a country girl.

Whatever you decide on the New York deal, good luck with your interview.

angelfish24 said...

I don't think New York would be right for me either. Never been there and would love to visit but I'm a suburbs kind of girl I guess.

Have fun on your roadtrip and good luck on your interviews. Thanks also for your comments on my blog.

jodi said...

i lived in brooklyn for two years after college ('93), first in williamsburg and then in greenpoint... though it wasn't manhattan, nor as glamorous, the rent was cheap! i never had any problems, minus having to deal with the slow-as-shit L and G trains, and loved living there! i would weigh your options and see if it's doable - when will you get another opportunity like this? ;o)

Kim said...

First off - I am so excited to see that you are in the 130's!!! WOW!! You are doing so great!!

Speaking of exciting - how cool it is that you have so many choices. Everything is an option! It doesn't get much better than that. :)

Kim said...

Okay - why am I sad that you are moving so far away, even though it's not like we hang out in person???

Vickie said...

are you taking pictures of "cats I have visited" on your cross country trip?

Dee said...

OMG New York!! I have never even been there, and I'm excited!!
Good luck with the job interviewing and decision making..