Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ready to Run

You'll never guess what you all inspired me to do today ... Run! I actually started the Couch-to-5K workout! I just got back from the gym, but my jacket away and started typing this post. It was awesome! I haven't tried to run since I played soccer in high school. (This includes when it rains and I have to walk from the car into the supermarket. I just walk because it always felt awkward or hurt my shins to "sprint" inside.) I did a 5 minute warm-up walk, which was good, because it got me used to the treadmill and my iPod. Then I did 20 minutes alternating running for 60 seconds and walking for 60 seconds. I was so inspiring and just the right way to start. I felt alive and powerful and capable! (And to think I was depressed all day today and almost took a nap instead of going to workout!) - Can you tell I like exclamation points today! - Around minute 9 my stomach started to hurt. It wasn't sharp cramps, just a low dull ache. I think it was because I had eaten about an hour before I started working out. But the alternating walking and running made it easy to work through. And I LOVED listening to my iPod while working out. I had never understood that before. I always read magazines on the recumbent bike. But the music was so motivating. Believe it or not the song that was playing when I ended the 5 minute warm-up and literally started running, was "Ready to Run" by the Dixie Chicks. It was fate. I would do it all over again tomorrow, but the training guide says to take breaks between workouts and not go to fast, even if you think you can. So, I'm listening to the experts and not doing this again until Thursday. I didn't even manage to do a mile (just 0.94 according to the treadmill). I walked for a few minutes after the alternating and it took me up to a mile. I'm not really concerned too much about distance, but it did seem rather short considering I used to walk that far to and from work when I lived in New York. Is it crazy that I'm thinking of signing up for a 5K race in Las Vegas since I'm most likely moving there in December? If running and I continue to get along (which I know there will be ups and downs) it will be awesome to be in Vegas this winter b/c I won't have to contend with freezing temps and snow. Okay, so I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Any advice on running would be most appreciated!


marie said...


sign up, i say! even if you run/walk it at whatever stage you're at in your training, you'll do fab!

make it a goal and achieve it! :)

jodi said...

C25K is the best way to start a running program - that's what i did back in march and now i can run a solid 4-miles w/no problem... :o)

nice job! :o)

Kim said...

I say DO IT!! It is a wonderful goal to work towards. I'm still pumped up about the one I ran in September. :)

Congrats on starting to run - I am so proud of you!!

Cory said...

Great job! That's really awesome. Glad to hear you have found a workout you can enjoy!

totegirl said...

Hooray! I'm on week 3 of C-5k, and I LOVE IT! I'm glad you started it!