Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lovely day for a Black & Tan

Thanks for all of your lovely comments about reaching my goal! It is so great to get all of your support! It really meant a lot to me! :)

So, I am getting used to my new daily WW points. Now that I'm on maintenance I have 24 points, up from 20. I told myself on Thursday that I was going to try to ease into it. So, on Thursday I only used 21 points. Then yesterday I used 26.5 points. Ooops. I did "earn" 2 activity points - an overly generous allotment for my Couch-2-5K workout on Friday. I guess I'm just getting used to handling more points. I mean, of course there were days when I'd use 26 points, 6 being flex points, when I only had 20 daily points. (Sometimes I feel like a crazy person with all this talk of points, but I actually do think it is easier than calories. But, whatever works for you is what I say.) So, what I am trying very badly to say is that I am trying to not over analyze things, but to stay "on plan" as the kids like to say these days.

I have a potluck to go to tonight. I was going to be a good little WW person and make something from a WW recipe. Instead I have decided to bring a not-so-WW friendly drink to the party - ingredients for a Black & Tan (Smithwick's, or Bass, topped with Guinness). [The theme was bring a dish or beverage from your ethnic background, and I'm Irish.] It is an odd choice, because I don't really drink anymore. I don't plan on having more than one. I hope everyone else isn't as lazy as I am and that they actually bring food! Although I did eat a late lunch on purpose so I wouldn't be ravenous when I was surrounded by all the food. I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.

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Vickie said...

I was looking very hard for maintaining blogs and hitting goal blogs - almost exactly a year ago. I felt an intense need to read back through people that were in the same place that I felt I was - at that time.

I don't know if you feel that way too - ???

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned Roni to you - because she is a WW person at goal and writes quite a bit.

If you are wanting to read about someone hitting goal and figuring out their poings - go back and hunt through Roni's blog - she talked a LOT about adjusting points to maintain and how she kept track.

If you are feeling this way (not sure if you are - just remember how I felt last year) I think it would be worth hunting through her posts.

I think Roni actually ended up dropping some more weight in the process. She also had a tummy tuck in there somewhere. She just recently started at the gym. And is working on tone - quite a while after she hit goal if I remember correctly.

If you click on her Weight Progress (right side bar) it will give you dates to go back and look at her posts from that time.