Friday, April 27, 2007

6-pack (of Sam Adams Light) abs

Hey there,

So this has felt like a busy week. Time has just flown by. I feel like the scale has a mind of its own. Last week, when I wasn't being particularly good, I lost 3 pounds. This week, when I had 25 extra flex points left, I only lost 0.4 pounds. Oh well. I'm really not that fired up about it. I figure it will all work out in the end. It seems a little strange to be so calm about it. Maybe its also because I know that I drank two 6-packs of Sam Adams Light this week (a total of 24 points). I mean I spaced it over the 7 day period, but still, that is a good amount of beer. I do tend to have beer every week, but not necessarily that much. I think that's why I'm only down 0.4 lbs. I write this as I am drinking yet another bottle. I have been getting lax in my nutrition plan. I told myself I bought it because a friend of mine was spending the night and I didn't know if she wanted wine or beer, but I think I knew differently. Oh well. If I'm going to drink it, I guess I have to pay the price.

The friend that I mentioned is actually currently sleeping on my couch. Her boyfriend of a year broke up with her. She's one tough cookie, but she couldn't deal with being home alone tonight. I'm happy to have her. I've been spending a lot of time with her this week because they had already broken up once about a week ago and then it was officially final last night. I feel bad for her. I hate to say it, but I only kinda know how she feels. I've only had one boyfriend and that was when I was 19. That break up was tough, and I did the breaking up. I just remember sobbing in his dorm room while I told him it was over. He was a great guy. I was a fool. He's married now, but isn't everyone my age.

I did something monumental this weekend ... I cleaned out my closet. I moved my suits and good work clothes that no longer fit to the hall closet so that I can sell them at a consignment shop or give them to Dress for Success, a wonderful charity that always needs large sizes. They give women in need gently worn suits for job interviews. Their rule is that you should only donate what you would feel confident wearing in an interview. Their website is I think I am going to give them to Dress for Success. It will make me feel better that someone in need is feeling special in my suits than if I get $25 bucks for them from a consignment shop. Anyway, I also cleared out all the pants that have holes in them (from my thighs rubbing together) and threw them away. And I piled up all the regular, everyday clothes that are too big. I was going to wait to give them to a thrift store, since I am moving in a few months, but I think I might do it this weekend. I have heard it is healthier to give away the sizes you grow out of so you aren't tempted to backslide. It is really weird to think I have gotten too small for some of my clothes. I'm looking at the pile right now. I don't know what to think. I've gotten used to getting larger, not smaller.

Water aerobics ended this week. I'm bummed. I was going to join the master's swim club at the university but they are only practicing in the outdoor pool at 6:30am until June 9th. I think I am going to wait to see if I'm still going to be in the area after June 9th before I join them. I am soooo not a morning person. I have a cardiosculpt aerobics video coming from Netflix. Now I just need to find my hand weights. I'm excited about it. I haven't done an aerobics DVD in a few months. It's good to change things up, whether you want to or not.

I hope you all are doing well this week. I am going to try to start to post more often, so don't be surprised if you see another post in a few days.

Take care!



Lily T said...

Giving your clothes to Dress for Success is absolutely wonderful!

It's too bad about water aerobics, but your right. Variety is good for you.

angelfish24 said...

Good idea on giving some clothes to Dress for Success. That's a really good idea.
Yeah, the wt loss varies. I found that too you have a great week and only a little loss and then ok weak and have a big loss. Think wt loss is a week behind?
Too bad about the water aerobics but you'll get into something else.

Kim L said...

My hardest breakups have been the ones I've initiated. It took me nearly two years to date again after breaking up with a guy I'd dated about two years.

Yeah about your clothes! I'm glad you're donating them. That's a smart thing to do!

Vickie said...

I don't know if you know this - but usually you have to dry clean everything before the consignment shops will take them - so whether or not they sell - you have already invested $$$ in the cleaning. When I stopped working - about 18 years ago - I used a consignment shop for my suits, shoes, belts, etc. I sold all most everything - and they were little sizes - but when I added up what I spent on dry cleaning - vs what I made - it wasn't worth it. That was long before e-bay. When my mother moved here - we cleaned out all her stuff and took it to a church organization - clothes for minister's wives - think about how little money they make and how many dress up activites that they attend. She then claimed the donation on taxes.

PS - suggest to you friend - that she wait about 6 mos before even thinking about dating - if they were together a long time - or thinking of getting married - and it was very serious - a full year. I kid you not. After a divorce - the rule of thumb is to wait one full year - after the final papers are signed - any seperation time - does not count at all - clock starts after the final/final closure/ending/papers are signed.

AuntieKate said...

Dress for Success and similar programs are super. But there is something to consider: These charities ALSO need money...for the other items they help their clients with. It is often MORE useful to the charity for you to use a consignment or buy-outright shop and donate the monetary proceeds to the charity. Many consignment shops even "host" an account for their local charities, to which you can donate saleable items.
For more on the places that can benefit from your undergrown clothes (and other possessions too!), check out and for shops in your area, see

And congrats on your continuing self-improvement!