Sunday, May 04, 2008

Out of Sorts

I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while. The job seems super interesting and my team is really into their jobs and passionate. I am there are some problems, but overall, I think I made a good decision. I went to a conference last week for managers and above at the company. It was really valuable to get that kind of perspective during only my 2nd week in.

My eating has been okay, not great. But, okay. I have been swinging from eating too little until eating enough. I haven't been running, but I have started walking a lot and taking the stairs everywhere I can - in the apartment to the 5th floor, in the office building to the 3rd floor. Doing what I can, where I can. I wanted to go to my WW meetings for May, but I always seem to have an excuse not to go. I haven't really weighed myself since I got to NYC. I have weighed myself a couple of times, but there's no benchmark to judge it by since I didn't weigh myself when I first got here.

I feel really lucky in some ways - I work for a great company and I basically feel comfortable, yet challenged there and I am lucky enough to be living with a friend until I find my own place. But, I'm sorry to complain, but I feel out of sorts. It is hard to have stress, real stress, for the first time in 3 years. School wasn't really stressful for me. Of course there were times that I was on deadline, but it didn't feel as high stakes as an event for 1,500 with press and senior execs! (And that isn't even in my job description!) And, while I am happy to not come home to an empty apartment, I wish I was in MY apartment. I'm having problems getting brokers to show me places. So annoying. I just want to be settled. And, I want to have a more active social life. Just having one evening out a week isn't enough for me. So, I know, cry me a river, my life totally doesn't suck, but at least I'm being honest.

Thanks for listening. I'll be back soon, I promise.


angelfish24 said...

Sorry haven't visited in a while. Hope you are liking new york all right and you'll feel better about the job soon. It's always hard at first.
Hope you find an apartment soon.

marie said...

I think more people than you realize TRULY understand :)

Like I said before, you're still trying to get settled and adjust and bumps along the way are expected. Making adjustments and adapting is all you need to do.

Everything will eventually fall into place. Just give it time to get there.

So exciting about the event with the press - starting to sound like my job now! :P

totegirl said...

Hey, you don't need a reason to get grumpy. It happens. You get this period of adrenaline and you're all excited, and then? BAM. Real life sets in. And it's kind of anti-climactic.

jodi said...

yea, there's no reason to apologize - you've had a lot going on and doing what you can, is totally fine... it's more than fine - it's OKAY and things will be back to normal soon... i'm sure it's hard living w/a friend while trying to find your own place but just think - by mid-sumemr, you'll be doing lots of fun stuff! keep your chin up! :o)

Kim said...

I'm so happy that you are digging the new job and being back in the big city. :) Don't be sorry for being busy or feeling stressed. I'm just happy that you are blogging again!!! YEAH TRIXIE!!!!!!