Monday, January 29, 2007

To use Flex Points, or to not use Flex Points? ... That is the Question.

So here's my mid-term report: I've gone to the gym twice, so if I go again tomorrow I will have made my goal of going 3 times by Tuesday! Yeah! My secondary goal is to go five times by Thursday, which includes Thursday in my book, so I am on my way to meeting that goal as well.

Unfortunately I was not as good with my flex points, and yes, my downfall was dinner with my sister on Friday night. I used 11 flex points! I used another 2 Sunday night. I'm disappointed in myself. I let instant gratification win out over my long-term goal. I starting to wonder if not using my flex points and going out are mutually exclusive events. Am I going to be happy with what I eat and drink for dinner at a restaurant if I have to stay within a 26 point limit? I seem to be fine eating out with lunches. This is a theory I am going to have to ponder further. I don't want to give up the goal of not using my flex points some weeks, but I'm going to have to monitor whether or not it is feasible for me to achieve. I'll keep you posted. (P.S. I just looked again at my e-tools for Weight Watchers and my downfall at Friday's dinner was choosing to have both the bruschetta and the beer. If I had just chosen one, and had a little less of it, I would have been within my points. So not using my flex points may be possible.)

I had an unfortunate encounter with an insensitive person today. I took my car into the dealership to be checked out and the in-take representative walked me over to one of her colleagues to hand me and my car off to him. He was looking at a set of 3"x5" photographs. (He doesn't look up when we get there.) She leans over to look at a couple of the photos and proceeds to say "Look how fat John was! Wow, he was so fat." Then she repeats this. Evidently she thinks she's paying this man a compliment. I just happy John isn't within earshot. They finally look up to acknowledge me standing there like an idiot, I mean they are at work and I am a customer. Not to be a b*tch, but at least say, "We'll be with you in a minute." So, thankfully she doesn't apologize to me and my 200.8 lbs. for calling this man fat. But I kinda wish she had. I was ready to simply say, without malice or defensiveness, "It's not nice to call someone fat." It's really that simple. Don't we teach our kids that? Why are adults so insensitive? I, of course, said nothing.

Sorry this was such a long post. I originally meant for it just to be a check-in. I'm switching my Weight Watchers weigh-in days from Tuesdays to Thursdays, so I'll post again later this week.

Take care,



Vanessa said...

Just found your blog and had to post to say hi! Trixie Belden was one of my favourite heroines as kid. Much more fun that than boring Nancy Drew!

Sounds like you're doing a great job. Reaching your 10% is fabulous. I'm sure you're going to continue to do well.

Weight Master said...

I'm new to blogging, so hi. Terribly insensitive adults. It's probably best you didn't say anything. Good job on do so well though. Enjoyed reading the blog. Good luck.

angelfish24 said...

I think you should use some of your flex's each week. I've had trouble with this too, like, I shouldn't eat my flex's and then I'll have more success. Someone said to me on the ww board "what make you think your being good by not eating your flex's". So I re-thought it. They actually used to give you those points in your daily target in a range or points years ago so don't sweat it. Then just get those activity pts and don't use those or whatever. I think you will lose matter which way you go.
I noticed someone mentioned the name trixie. I'm a dummy, I didn't know that refers to something vaguely rings a bell now I'll have to look it up.
I hope you have a good week!

Vickie said...

you are so sweet - thanks for stopping by today - you said just the right things.

Georgia Girl said...

lately i too am having issues with instant gratification vs. long term goals, in the form of almond roca.
also, unrelated to this post but i had seen that your bday is coming up. i was surprised at WHAT bday it is because from your picture i thought you were in your 20's. ;)