Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Fats of Life

I hope everyone has been having a happy holiday season! Thanks for all your support and comments following my 10% success. It is so great to be a part of such a positive community.

Unfortunately, I must admit that while I counted points last week, I evidently used too many flex points and gained 1.2 lbs. I'm now 0.2 lbs. away from 10%. It's not fun yo-yo-ing so I am working to lose the pound I gained. I've been to the gym twice already this week and I'm going to try to not use all my flex points. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Now for a story. So I'm at dinner with my parents and the waiter says, before I've even ordered, "you look like someone famous". I'm like, "you're talking to me?" I mean I have no makeup on, a sweat shirt and jeans and my hair is in a ponytail. And he's like "yeah, the girl from 'The Facts of Life'". At this point I try to not roll my eyes when I say, "yeah, I know who you mean." And of course he's struggling with the character's name, and trying not to describe her, so I tell him, "Natalie." Of course, he has to pick the big girl on the show. Why couldn't it have been "Blair" or "Jo"! (Not like I look like either one of them.) I really don't look like Natalie either, but I am big. This isn't the first person who has told me I look like this actress. Another man told me this (20 lbs. ago which makes me feel really great about my loss). Do people just not understand that telling someone they look like an 80's celebrity doesn't count as a good thing if that actress is overweight? I like to pretend that I'm not overweight, so when someone holds up a mirror it is silently painful.


angelfish24 said...

Sorry that the waiter's comments made you feel bad. Yeah, why can't anyone say we look like a hot celebrity. Once, though some guy thought I looked like Jodie Foster when I was younger. I do not look like her, ha. Sometimes I wish people wouldn't compare us to others. Hope you have a good week.

Vickie said...

Have a safe and wonderful New Years!!!

Lori said...


What a guy thing to tell someone. I've noticed that it was all guys who told you this.

I did and tried it a while back. My celebrity match was....Keifer Sutherland.

Don't worry about that 0.2 pounds away -- you'll be okay with the 10%.


Craig Harper said...

Hey Trixie,

Awesome Blog!

Don't worry about the completely insensitive waiter!

When I fourteen I was fat (90kg) and my nickname was 'Jumbo'.

My name is Craig Harper, and as an Australian Exercise Scientist and Trainer I have spent much of the last twenty-five years helping people change their body. Smaller, bigger, lighter, leaner, more muscle, more flexibility, speed, power... Athletes, non-athletes, kids, mums, dads.....whatever they were after; that's what I did my best to deliver.

I want to share a story with you:

Recently I agreed to spend some time with five people who had won a competition on a Melbourne radio station (FOX FM). They each won some great exercise equipment and were all in need of some direction, education and motivation. So far I've met with three of the five winners and it's been a fun experience. Each of them need to lose somewhere in the vicinity of 40 - 50 kilos (88 - 110 pounds) and they are all excited about the journey.

I introduced one of the winners to a girl who's been training at my centre for the last eight months and has lost 55 kilos (121 pounds). All of a sudden this girl (one of the five) who was full of self-doubt, believed that she could do it because she met someone who was bigger than her and had lost the weight.

She went from doubt, to certainty, in five minutes.
That's what I call a change in perspective; a paradigm shift.

Creating forever change is so much about our head.

So this week I got a great email from Kylie, one of the FOX FM winners.

Hi Craig,

It's Kylie from Pakenham (I hope you still remember me).

I just want to let you know how much your words really sunk in when I met you on Saturday; how we choose to be fat. I look at food differently now most of the time and I ask myself whether I need it. Most of the times I don't. I am trying really hard to wait for those hunger signals too. I am drinking heaps of water. I am up to six minutes on the cross trainer and improving each day. What really touched my heart was when we met on Saturday was the hug that you gave me at the end of our meeting. I don't get hugs, maybe being the fat person and all that, but it was so nice to receive one from you. So yes, you are my hero and I am so grateful to have met you.

I would love to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a safe New Year and I look forward to seeing you in January. Thank you once again for giving me your time.

kind regards,

Kylie Barnes.

Thankyou to Kylie for letting me print her letter.

Reading the letter and spending a little time with Kylie, a few things stood out to me.

1. It's so easy to encourage people and we should all do it more.

2. Everyone loves someone to take a genuine interest in them.

3. Sometimes a little kindness (a hug perhaps) can take ten seconds and make a huge impact.

4. When people are ready to change they will... and not before.

5. It's so exciting and rewarding to help those people who are genuinely ready.

6. I have the best job in the world.

7. I'm certainly no hero, but you are Kylie for being so honest, so humble and for choosing to live your best life in your best body.

Kylie, I think you're fantastic and I look forward to watching you transform (inside and out) over the coming months..... GO YOU!

P.S. You can have a hug anytime!

Share the Love!!

Keep up the great writing Trixie.

Your words, actions, and philosophy are helping so many people.

Craig Harper